Why gambling is a bad habit?




There are a lot of bad habits in the world, like drug abuse, cigarette smoking, etc. Out of all these, gambling seems to be the most benign at the first look. It does not damage your liver, does not cause lung cancer, and does not even cause any injury. It only affects the money. Probably, that’s exactly what all the gamblers keep telling themselves. The addiction of gambling is no better than that of the drugs or anything else. In fact, it is even worse in some cases. Studies have shown that it can even affect ones health, directly and indirectly. If you are need to be convinced about how bad gambling is, just keep reading.

Signs and symptoms

Let’s start with the recognizing the problem. Going to a casino occasionally, like once a month or so, is not categorized as a gambling addiction. Here are the signs and symptoms through which you can recognize the problem within yourself or a loved one.

  • A constant craving to gamble. The person would keep thinking and talking about gambling even when they are doing other important things.
  • Like any other addiction, this one also comes with emotional instability. Becoming angry over small issues and getting extra enthusiastic for other bad things is common among gamblers.
  • If you gamble occasionally and for fun, you will probably feel happy afterwards, even if you lost a little. But a person with an addiction always feels remorse after the game.
  • There are a lot of psychological side effects of a gambling problem. A person suffering from it generally is depressed and has difficulty sleeping. This could also be accompanied by migraines.
  • Gamblers generally develop an odd towards the game. They start believing that betting more money is the only way to win. However, most of the times they come back to reality as soon as they are out of money.
  • A person suffering from this problem also forms a habit of borrowing money from almost everyone around them.

The symptoms are shown by the extreme cases. You, or a loved one, might not have all of them up to this extent. But this does not mean that their problem should not be taken seriously.

Effects and issues

Now we will discuss the real and practical effects of this problem. Everybody knows this habit is bad. What we are discussing here is why it is bad.

  • The financial issues are the biggest factor of this problem. A gambler risks as much money as he gets hands on. This not just includes the monthly income, but also the savings and even their kid’s college funds. When they have wasted all that, they start borrowing from friends or moneylenders. Soon, even they stop lending any money. Then these uncontrolled gamblers often start committing crimes, like thefts, robberies, etc. Basically, it is a very slippery slope. Once you start sliding, it will be extremely difficult to stop.
  • All the money that they borrow needs to be paid back. But how can they? This gets them into even more trouble. The sophisticated and civilized moneylenders file police complaints, while the others might do something worse. If you do not pay back, soon you will be out of your house and job.
  • When you are under so much financial trouble you are bound to have a bad mood. The gamblers often develop a bad attitude. They stop showing any affection for their spouse, kids and any other loved one. Soon all their relationships get ruined and they are left alone.
  • Gambling does not affect your health directly, but the metal pressure and depression causes many health related problems, varying from sleeplessness to stroke.

The solution

There are not a lot of ways out of the gambling problem, but there still are a few. The most important thing to understand is that you cannot do this alone. You need the support of your family and friends. If you haven’t told them about your problem yet, do it as soon as possible. Discuss with them your craving and how can they help you. It is going to be very difficult, so first you need to be determined.

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