Why Do Indian Women Prefer Gold Jewelry Over Other Metals?


While Gold might just be like any other metal in other countries but it plays a significant role in Indian culture. The metal has a deep-rooted significance, it has not only allured people with its stunning beauty, but also for the connotation it holds. It is of no doubt that, Indians as a whole consider Gold to be their most preferred choice of metal, especially in jewelry. According to Indian History, gold is more than just an ornament. It is an investment and also has a strong cultural significance and thus, has won the hearts of many in the culturally rich country.

Indian Women Prefer Gold Jewelry

Gold plays an integral part in the investment plans among Indian families. Despite the fluctuation in gold rates, they always manage to save for buying gold. It is obvious that this metal has more than just a material investment price on it. While there are several reasons why gold is worshipped in the country and will continue to be, here are the main reasons why Indian women prefer Gold jewelry over other metals:

1. Family Heirloom

The precious metal is not just bought for ones own use, but is passed on from one generation to another making it a family heirloom. Thus, it holds a sentimental value in their hearts and a lot of thought is put into buying the perfect piece. Moreover, all though designs and trends may change over time, these jewelry pieces are treasured, adorned and passed on for generations. A mother gifting her daughter a piece of her jewelry while getting married is a classic example. That is why you are likely to find many women with traditional and simple gold earrings designs in their jewelry kitty.

2. Religious connotations

Needless to say, India is a country that embraces a variety mix of religions. Gold plays a major role in religious ceremonies in the country. Be it offering gold to temple funds or as a gift for weddings, birthdays and more, it is believed that the metal brings prosperity and is auspicious to have during any such ceremony. Gifting gold is probably considered the highest of value amongst all other gifts and is a symbol of purity.

3. Status symbol

For decades, gold has been a status symbol in India. There is probably no other bigger status symbol  for women than wearing gold. If you visit any religious, political or even personal gathering, you will realize that people are not shy to flaunt it. This is not the case just in recent times, but has been so for a very long time. It is a symbol of power and adorning it at all times, specially when the gold rates are up, is wordless power people like to display.

4. Investment

Indians consider gold to be a safe investment option in comparison to other options for several reasons. The most important reason being that it is not a sleeping investment, you can actually adorn it and make use of it while you own it. Also, it is easier to convert gold into cash, compared to real estate and other such investments. Although there are fluctuation in gold prices, it is still a secure investment to make in comparison to many others. However, when it comes to an investment, people usually prefer to buy gold coins or small pieces such as simple gold earrings designs with price. These can easily be melted and changed according to ones need in future.

It is thus obvious that the desire for this precious metal is not for just the gold, but the value and benefit that comes with it as well.