What Small Businesses Should Know About The Future Of Technology


We are all aware of how rapidly technology can evolve, and not every business can keep up with the latest trends and applications. Small businesses, in particular, can fall behind in technological advancements, which may directly impact their ability to grow and thrive.

What Small Businesses Should Know About The Future Of Technology

To help owners stay abreast of the latest news and begin planning for the future, here are some upcoming developments that entrepreneurs like Eyal Gutentag and every small business should pay attention to.

Artificial Intelligence is Your Friend

No longer reserved for books and movies, artificial intelligence (AI) technology is available to the masses and it is a lot more useful to small businesses than you might think. The truth is that AI is rather common, performing behind-the-scenes functions like algorithms that sift through data and predict consumer habits. For the business owner, AI programs can organize information, analyze processes and create detailed reports that translate into real savings in time and money.

Embrace the Remote Worker

If you are still struggling with the idea of employees working remotely, it is time to put that concern to rest. Offering your staff the flexibility of remote possibilities is a great way to attract and retain quality employees. Additionally, the technology that supports working off-site has become more accessible with each passing year. By investing in communication tools, networking programs and cloud-based systems a small business can save time, increase performance and improve the bottom line in ways they could not do from the office.

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There Is a New Generation Coming

For employers who question the value of technological advances, the upcoming generation may be their last opportunity to be convinced. The workforce will soon be comprised of this group, Gen Z, and they have grown up in the digital age like no other generation before them. Not only will these employees expect a digitized place of employment, but they are also adept at using these tools to your benefit.