What Is Time Management And How to Improve It


What is time management? Well, it is the process of planning and organising tasks and events. Time management is very important because it helps us to do various things in a predetermined time. It is very important in the life of a student because they are the one’s who tend to waste their time the most. Some of the ways in which the time can be utilized are mentioned below:


#1 Make a List


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Making a to-do list can save a lot of time. Organize your workday by taking out 10 minutes in the morning to specify the tasks that need to be done, the projects that needs to be completed and the problems that needs to be solved. Write down the important tasks first and the others later on so that you know what is important for you. Also, write some ideas along with those notes so you require less time in doing all those tasks.

Making a list won’t help you manage your time but also keep an eye on the list and check it once in a while to remember everything. Highlight the parts that need immediate action.

#2 General Task List


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Along with a day to day list, make a general list in which you state all the goals that are long term. Write instructions along side so you know how to reach your goals when you open them. 

#3 Prioritise


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If you ask me what exactly is time management, I would say,it is prioritising you work in order to be more efficient. Don’t forget to prioritise your work so that you know what things need immediate action and what all things can be left for later. It is an effective time management technique that makes you more effective during stressful times.

#4 ABC analysis


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Do you know what ABC analysis is?

A- Tasks that are important and urgent

B- Tasks that are important but not urgent

C- Tasks that are not important and not urgent

By following this method, you will get an excellent overview of your tasks and you can do them accordingly. This is mainly used by the businessman who have to handle various tasks at once.

#5 Scaling from 1-10


For all the students out there who want to know how to manage their time, this technique is the best. Write all the subjects that you have and make a list according to which subject you are well versed with and which subjects need more practise. Following this method can save a lot of time and you can practice a lot many things in the remaining time. One disadvantage of this system is that it lacks precision.

#6 Elimination


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Time management means getting more input in a short time and that can be achieved only when you eliminate all the unnecessary things out of your schedule. Prioritising will help you in doing so. Eliminate procrastinating and a lot of things can be done in a limit period of time. Procrastinating is a destructive habit and will distract you from the original task hence giving you all the un needed stress.

#7 Get rid of the distractions


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Another way of managing your time is by getting rid of the distractions. They only decrease your concentration and make you lazy. Distractions vary from the internet, emails or telephones and that is why it is important to stay away from all these things once you are doing some thing important.

#8 Monitoring


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Monitoring is another important thing that helps in managing time. It helps you find out how much time you have spent for different tasks so that you realise how much time you have spent on unnecessary tasks. Monitoring yourself is easy, just make an activity list and note down all the activities, the time they took and the importance of all of them. Do it daily and after a few days you will be able to analyse yourself and in a few days, reduce things that are not important.

#9 Time Management Tools


There are various time management tools that are available these days. Software applications now-a-days help in managing our time effectively and that is why if you are unable to make lists or analyse yourself, get an app on your phone for great results.

All the information regarding time management stated above will help you achieve your goals, complete those pending projects and become a better person. It is not necessary that you will start following all the instructions at once but eventually these will help you in doing various tasks in a limited amount of time. Students should make a list and work accordingly specially when the exams are around the corner. This would help them in achieving great results by putting a limited amount of handwork.

I hope that by now you know what exactly is time management and how to manage it properly. There will come a point when you will have doubts about it. Don’t worry, instead talk to us and write in your queries to us for any further assistance.