What Does it Feel Like to Vape CBD Oil?


The vaping and CBD industries have become massive and continue to grow, but there are still many people who may not know what using the different products entails, especially when combined in the process of CBD vaping.

The most common question people looking into vaping CBD rather than taking it through other mediums have pertains to the feeling of vaping CBD.

Vape CBD Oil

To fully understand the answer, the issue should be broken down into two parts: what vaping CBD feels like inside of the body (compared to other substances) and what effect the CBD vape oil has on the user.

Vaping CBD oil is not comparable to smoking CBD (or other substances) 

Many people who turn to vaping are often curious to know if it provides a similar experience to smoking cigarettes or other substances, which it doesn’t. The reason behind this is the fact that vaporizers produce vapors, not smoke that you would find in tobacco or CBD flowers. The second reason why many will not receive the same experience is due to their previous experience with smoking substances such as tobacco, which often contain additives like nicotine that provide a harsher feeling when they are taken into the body.

CBD vape oils, on the other hand, provide a full yet light and warm experience that is barely noticeable when taken into the body. This makes it easier to take for users of any smoking or vaping experience level.

What to expect after absorbing CBD vape oil

Because CBD is a chemical compound found in the hemp plant, many are concerned (or anticipate) that CBD will provide a psychoactive “high” that users experience when they vape or smoke other forms of the plant. The good (or the bad) news is that CBD does not provide users with a high feeling.

That being said, it doesn’t mean there isn’t a feeling that accompanies the absorption of CBD vape oil. Those who vape CBD have often reported a feeling best described as a rush of relaxation that comes after they start vaping CBD. Besides relaxation and anxiety relief, which is one of the main characteristics associated with the substance, a reduction in the severity of pain symptoms or a decrease in inflammation out the body may come with vaping. When it comes to the basic overall feeling, however, you can expect to feel more relaxed after vaping CBD oils.

To put it simply, vaping CBD is a rather enjoyable experience. The CBD itself will help to promote feelings of relaxation and happiness shortly after absorbed, and will provide the user with a host of other benefits that will help them to battle issues such as pain and inflammation. In addition, the physical feeling of the CBD vapors produced is light and airy so that they can easily be taken in without resistance. However, it should be noted that your CBD experience is only as good as your CBD and vape products are. Before you start vaping CBD, make sure to purchase your vaporizer from a reliable source such as benjamin danklin and make sure to do your research on CBD products using a source like https://thecbdinsider.com/cbdistillery-review/ to ensure you are getting the best products available on the market!