Ways to Get More Instagram Followers for A Motivational Speaker


With over 700 million users, Instagram is growing in popularity with at least 400 million users visiting the platform every day.  Thanks to Instagram, users and bigger companies are flocking this site with the aim of gaining popularity and marketing their brands. As a motivational speaker seeking to expand your influence and inspire your audience, you decided you want to grow your audience and therefore decided to open an Instagram account. However, Instagram growth stalled and proved insignificant enough to gain any interest. The opinion of the marketing experts of Cheapigfollowers.com that It could take time to acquaint yourself with this site is shared my many bloggers focused on the promotion on Instagram, but with the steps below, you will be able to gain more followers decently.

Become Popular On Instagram

  • Use of Hashtags

Hashtags are widely used in Instagram to discover content and usually connects users on Instagram. Finding relevant hashtags can allow people outside your current group of followers to discover you and follow you. Hashtags that are punctilious to motivation and popular can give you a higher boost and prove plausible in the end. For example, #Mondaymotivation is popular on Monday mornings and would be a good opportunity to interact with your audience as well.

  • Quality Posts

Aesthetically pleasing posts are generally appealing. Bad impressions can be fatal and could close doors for you. There is always a thin line between someone making a stop to view your content and scrolling past you and that is the quality of your post. Spice up your motivational quotes by uploading high-quality pictures and take an extra step by editing them. You will be sure to buy Instagram followers who would always like to keep their news feeds appealing.

  • Post Consistently and at Peak Hours

Consistency is a virtue that draws results. Posting at an average of 2-3 times a day is fair enough and will give you a chance of engaging your audience. Know when most of your audience is active. For instance, #Mondaymotivation is dominantly on use on Monday mornings. Avoid being too spammy by posting frequently in ways that could nettle users. Your posts should flow into each other and come up with a coherent tone that is identifiable with your brand.

  • Understand Your Audience

For a motivational speaker seeking to amass followers, realize that your target audience is users looking for proper motivation. Take time to find out what they really want and give it to them. With this technique, you will be able to speak to them directly to them and their experience. You will be able to make a good relationship with them and you won’t run the risk of being irrelevant.

  • Like Their Photos

Do not be ignorant. Follow random people and like random posts. Be generous and offer them what you expect from them. This fuels curiosity in a user and more often than not they would check up your profile. If they like what they see, you can be sure of earning a new follower and your count will always keep rising decently.

  • Use Emoji’s Wisely

Most Instagram users make use of this presumably small little cartoons. Not only do they add beauty and quality to your post but they serve a purpose in connecting text and emotions and cannot just be underestimated. Lighten up your content using this special art and you will definitely interact with multiple users in a single post in this platform.

  • Creative Captions

Majority of users on this platform are here to have themselves fun. A good motivational speaker boasts of a great sense of humor and could utilize this skill here very well. Come up with something funny, make your audience laugh and who knows, they could tag their friends. This shows how much power captions possess. Interesting caption usually catches the readers’ eye and usually serve as the icing to the pictures on Instagram. When creatively crafted into a post, it could buy followers.

  • Invest in Your Profile

Well, it’s obvious. First impression matters. Your Instagram profile is the first thing the user notices about you. It is like your face. It contains your name, profile picture, and a bio. Your profile photo should be really impressive and if a photo shoot seems like a big deal, you can as well use stock photos. It is important to make sure that your profile photo matches up with the public expectations of a motivational speaker. Be creative and come up with a short description of yourself. This is your bio and this area need to be up there with the quality of your profile picture. Polish these areas as much as you can.

  • Capitalize On Current Trends

Keep up with the latest trends and fashion and incorporate them into your Instagram life. Know what is preferred and favored and it could win you many followers. Studies, for instance, show that people have a higher tendency to react to pictures with faces more than those without. Find out the colors that catch the eye the most and integrate them into your content. Have these facts at your fingertips and they could open up doors that you never imagined existed.

  • Use Captivating Stories

As a good motivational speaker, come up with inspiring stories that captivate your target audience. We are living in depressed societies and inspiring stories are highly valuable at this time. Tell them how Tiger Woods was able to fall, beat the odds and rise up to his feet again. It is what they want. By giving them what they desire, you will buy Instagram followers and they will always anticipate your posts.

  • Call Users to Action

You can extend your reach by telling your audience what to do. Once you are sure of their confidence in you, use them creatively. For instance, post a picture about someone who made it in life and urges your followers to tag someone they think will make it in too. It will boost your content massively and lead to more users discovering your profile.


Realize that the idea is to gain new followers and keep them as well. Evaluate your most successful posts with the ones that were less engaged and reflect upon the results. Make the necessary adjustments and you will always be in the nice track.