Ways to Choose the Finest Airport Car Parking


Airport parking is rather confusing. But, with the help of an agile guide, you can soon tell your long stays from meet and greets. If you are joining others for a flight, you might want to learn more about airport parking. For the convenience sake, driving to airport is the most preferred choice, mainly for a family. But what can you do with your car once you reach the airport? Airport parking seems real mind field for navigating. Some options are way too expensive. So, what are you actually getting for the cost you want to make?

Finest Airport Car Parking

Choosing from short, medium or long stay:

There are mainly three types of airport parking. Those are short, medium and the long stay. The concept of short and medium parking is more or less same. At first, the car will be parked in car park located within the airport’s boundary. This car park is mostly within walking distance of airport itself and pedestrian paths located nearby will lead to terminal building. Here, short stay parking remains closest.

Then you have the long stay Melbourne car park options near the airport, which is at very outer reaches of own land of the airport. It can sometimes be right at a separate location. Here, the transfer to the terminal takes place by bus. Due to convenience, short stay parking is the most expensive among the lot. Medium stay is a bit cheaper than short stay and the cheapest one got to be the long stay one.

Well, the most common misconception is that you might have to head for short or medium stay if you are out for a short trip. Even if you are planning to leave the city for couple of days, most of the long stay car parks will be happy to accept booking and offer you with the cheapest form of deal ever.

More about self-parking:

Sometimes, you can go for the self-parking option. It is a form of car park where you will pick car yourself and keep eyes on car keys. Then you can simply return to car and leave as per your leisure. Most of the medium and short stay car park relies on this method.

  • In some of the vast off airports and their long stay car parks, you have to follow signs to directly help you get into a particular spot, before boarding free of charge bus.
  • On your return, you have to board bus from the terminal and then get off at bus stop, located nearest to your car.
  • There are some long stay car parks of the vast off airports, which will operate different system. Here, you do not have to park car yourself. Instead, you can drive it to reception, where just hand them over your keys and board bus to terminal. It works more like a valet.

It is then time or the cark park to employ a driver to drive your vehicle to the parking space. While returning, the bus from terminal will drop you at reception area.