How To Wake Up Early To Get The Best Out Of Your Fitness Routine

If you have been putting off your morning exercises because you find it impossible to get up early, you may be among the many who are simply not morning persons. However, working out in the evenings may not be practical for various reasons like having to work late or family commitments. If that happens consistently, you simply have no option but to work out in the mornings. Some tips to make waking up easier:

The Best Out Of Your Fitness Routine

Give Yourself a Good Reason

If you are trying to cajole yourself into waking up early, you need to give yourself a very good reason so that you feel motivated. You need to avoid making the reason negative like not being able to lose weight or tone your muscles, etc. Instead, think about how finishing up your exercises the first thing in the morning will allow you to spend more time with the family, to pursue a hobby, or even to increase your strength to face a series of meetings scheduled for the day. The best way to actually ensure that you get up is to commit it to your memory and say it aloud when the alarm goes off the next morning and get going in a positive frame of mind.

Include It in Your Schedule

Just like you make your schedule for the various things that you have to do for the day or the week, you should also make getting up and working out an integral part of that schedule. Fix a particular time in the morning, preferably the first thing after you get up. Including it in your schedule gives it an important status and you are less likely to skip or defer it. Consider adding a steroid to your morning protein supplement to achieve your fitness objectives faster.

Choose Exercise That You Really Enjoy

Most people don’t pay too much attention to the exercise in their morning workouts and end up doing something they really don’t enjoy. This increases their misery of having to get up early and provides yet another excuse for skipping the workout the next day. With so many different types of exercise that can be done for any specific objective, say weight loss or stamina building, it can be fairly easy to identify a few that you will enjoy. Also, if going to the gym seems boring, you can opt for a studio workout or classes in the local park or even a boot camp.


It is quite natural to feel lazy about getting up early; however, if you have a partner, the tendency to skip the gym routine is reduced considerably because you are afraid of creating a poor impression about your commitment to fitness. Further, when you are exercising in a group, a day of absence will invariably lead to so many questions that attending the morning sessions will seem a more attractive proposition. Also, virtually everyone likes the company of friends and when you become accustomed to meeting up with them daily, you start to look forward to the workouts.

Author Bio: Martin Smith is a busy HR professional and a fitness enthusiast. An active blogger on fitness issues, many of his articles are derived from his personal experiences with exercise, diet, and steroid supplements.