Your Ultimate Guide To Buying Turf Soccer Shoes For Your Kids


Every athlete out there wants a pair or more of turf shoes as they are best known to increase speed and performance. Lucky you if your kid is showing some interest in sports, especially in soccer. Other than giving them a pat on the back and some ‘I am proud of you’ messages, the best thing you can do for your child is get them some good turf soccer shoes.

Your Ultimate Guide To Buying Turf Soccer Shoes For Your Kids

You need to get the right kind of shoes; shoes that will literally allow them to chase their dreams. So, if you happen to be raising a soccer enthusiast, this post is definitely a good read for you. With so many options available in the market today, the search for the right soccer shoes, especially for the little ones, can be quite daunting.

With the fact that soccer players may play on turf surfaces but on different occasions also play on artificial surfaces, you should be searching for soccer shoes suitable for playing on turf or artificial surfaces. Do not limit your child to playing on artificial surfaces while they can have an amazing time and experience on turf surfaces as well. Therefore, the rule of the thumb when shopping for soccer shoes, not only for kids but also for adults, is to get shoes that are perfect for both turf and artificial surfaces.

To make sure that you have an easy time shopping for your child’s sports shoes, here are some ground rules that you must observe:

  • Find a reliable shop to buy your shoes – The number one tip to finding the best soccer shoes for your kid is to go to a soccer shoe specialist who has been in the business for a while or someone who has the reputation for selling high quality shoes. So, get referrals from close ones, from football players, or from other parents whose kids play soccer.

With the right advice, you will find a shoe specialist who will give you the right kind of shoe for your child. If you are buying your shoes online (which is not recommended), ensure that you get your recommendation from a reliable source. As we all know, not everything that is sold online is as good as it may look on your computer screen.

  • Identify your child’s style – Yes, in this day and age, everyone has a unique style. Don’t be surprised; your kid definitely has a unique style that they love to be associated with. Fortunately, the market is flooded with all kinds of turf soccer shoes. So, to make an easy and good choice, ask your kid to come with you if you are shopping in a brick and mortar store. If the shopping is online, show your little one several options and let them pick what fits their style.

  • Get the right shoe size – Shoe size is a must consider factor when shopping for shoes. In the soccer field, you will be on your feet all the time, running and kicking. So, any soccer player would appreciate a fitting shoe; not too tight and not too loose. So, if you are not sure of the right shoe size for your little one, you should avoid buying shoes online. Take the little man to a physical store and let him try several shoes until he finds one that fits.

  • Get light shoes – The fact that your kid will be running and kicking the ball doesn’t mean that you need to buy them the heaviest shoe in the market. Remember, for them to run and kick with ease, they need some light but still strong shoes for the game. If you are not quite familiar with the best shoes for a soccer player (especially a kid), consult a football or footwear expert to help you make the right choice.

  • Comfort is a must consider –Aside from buying the right size of shoe and one that fits your kid’s style, comfort is a factor that you must consider. Most times, people buy tight shoes just because they fit their style with the assumption that the shoe will loosen up with time. That is a bad idea that should never ever be raised when shopping for soccer shoes. What you need is a shoe that is comfortable and soft to the feet.

The best way to test comfort in shoes is to wear them, so ask your kid to wear different types of shoes, walk around or run for a while for him or her to choose what feels comfortable. If the shoe seller denies your kid the chance to try out the shoes, keep shopping. Do not let anyone push you to making a decision that you are not comfortable with.

  • Know the right requirements for balance –For your young star to develop their skills and become a better soccer player in future, they need soccer shoes that give them balance. So, do not be carried away by the advertisements that we keep seeing on TV and other machines. Just find a shoe that will give your child some good balance as they run, tackle, and kick the ball.

If truth be told, there are some nice boots out there, but what good will they have if your child cannot keep balance on them? The future star needs good balance so that he can sharpen his skills and become the star that you will be proud of.

And finally, after you have found the right shoes for your little one, it is also imperative that you consider buying them some soccer shin guards as well. As much as they need comfort and balance in their footwear, they also need protection. Moreover, shin guards are not only an important apparel for kids; the most experienced footballers in the world also do wear shin guards when playing.

And like the shoes, buy shin guards that are the right size for your child. Buy shin guards that are made of high quality material and ensure that they give the future star some comfort.