Top 4 Ways To Connect With Your Audience For Better Results In Instagram Marketing


Instagram is a very popular social media platform for marketing and promoting your business on the Internet. This platform is a visual mobile application, and it is popular primarily because users can connect to it better. Research says that about 90% of information is transmitted to the brain if it is visual. This is why pictures and video marketing are popular when it comes to sending messages to the targeted audience. If you wish to make Instagram a success for your business, all you need is a good design and some high- quality images.

Instagram Marketing

Evaluate your Instagram posts before you market them

It is imperative for you to evaluate your Instagram posts before you market them on the Internet. Experts from, an esteemed digital media company say people are drawn to images a lot, and this is the prime reason why infographics and images tend to dominate social media news feed these days. If you wish to create positive and deep impressions in the mind of your targeted audience, it is crucial for you to post images that are in the landscape mode as this gives others an insight into graphics that is both interesting and engaging. It is for this reason that you must work on an Instagram marketing strategy that focuses on visual representation and content. Given below are some ways via which you can improve your visual content and create a good social media marketing strategy for your business-

  1. Optimize your images for Instagram- It is crucial for you to include captivating photos for your posts. You should add links and not clutter your posts with unwanted text. Always remember when you are using images for Instagram, it is crucial for you to note that all photos of the same size should not be shared on all platforms. So, if you are using an image for Instagram, ensure that you do not use the same image of the same size on all social media platforms. Instagram makes the experience of photo sharing an excellent one because it helps you to edit photos for better appeal and image. This means when you are uploading photographs on Instagram you do not have to bother about its quality and appeal. There are photo filters that largely help you to take pictures and share them with your network. You do not even have to bother about buying an expensive digital camera when it comes to taking pictures. You can use your smartphone conveniently for the purpose.
  2. Use your logo as your profile image- You do not have to buy Instagram followers and likes. You can use your logo as your profile image to reach out to your targeted audience with success. Your logo will make you an established brand, and it ensures you get the identity in the social media market that you deserve. The moment you use your logo for all your profile pictures on social media platforms you can establish your brand presence and invoke more integrity and credibility in the market. Here, again, you should get creative and ensure you have a logo that strikes a positive impact and is not easy for you to forget.
  3. Do not forget your cover picture- Always remember that the profile picture and the cover picture you use for your social media accounts should complement one another. This will market your brand successfully. On Instagram, however, you must ensure that the pictures are relevant to your product. They must complement one another and create the right message to your targeted audience. If your targeted audience fails to connect with the pictures you have posted on Instagram, they will not relate to your brand. This will cost you dear as you lose valuable customers and sales.
  4. Consistent style- Your photographs must have a consistent style and try to use a consistent theme when you are using Instagram for marketing. Your brand image and your photos are crucial to the success of your business when you market it to your targeted audience. The style of your products should be consistent as this creates a signature for your products and your targeted audience can identify you instantly!

Instagram is an excellent marketing platform for everyone who wishes to reach out to a young targeted audience in the age group of 18 years to 30 years. There are over 700 million registered users on the platform. They are looking for you online, and with them, you can sell your products more easily. You may post pictures of your products online for your customers to know and buy. Instagram is popular over other social media platforms primarily because people have less time and they wish to see and hear about more products. It is here that this social media platform clicks and mainly helps you to get across to the targeted audience faster!