Things That Require Climate Control Storage At Almost Anytime


If you are planning to rent a climate controlled storage unit, remember that is not just those high temperatures is something you always have to keep in mind. When it comes to planning a great business and pack all the household materials, you should also keep in mind the humidity and moisture along with the freezing temperatures. While most of the self-storage companies will offer you higher rates of storage for features required for climate controlled storage, you should also make sure that all the special belongings should be kept miles away from the damage that occurs due to humidity, freezing weather & high temperatures.

Things That Require Climate Control Storage At Almost Anytime

There are some materials that need climate control storage at almost all times of the year and if you are wondering which one of these you should be mindful of, here’s a quick list of them:

Children’s nursery toys

If you have toys that are blemished, make sure to discard all of them. Along with that, if you have broken toys, you should get rid of them as well. You have to keep those toys in mind that have cracks and chew marks. This makes the bacteria spread too quickly. You should place the plastic containers, labels, barbies as well as matchbox cars separate. It is more advisable to use a climate controlled storage center for all of these items because the temperatures constantly fluctuate and you could become a victim of it.

Wooden furniture

Wood tends to expand and contract depending on the changes it is surrounded with. This could depend on the humidity & the temperature. This is why it is important to have a climate controlled storage unit as it works as the safest and finest option ever. Painted furniture could be simply wiped down. But if the furniture is wooden, oiled, dyed, it will need some extra care from your end. Once you have kept the furniture far away, it is time to wrap them in blankets. You should also keep some space between each of the items. You could use climate controlled storage units Miami Gardens for this reason.


Climate controlled storage units are ideal for those who are keen on wine collections. Storing all your wine in storage conditions that are perfect can keep you from arguing all day long. Though that makes it difficult to advice, you will be fine when you store your wine in a place that is dark and has a good and constant temperature. When it comes to storing the wine within a certain facility, choosing whether you need a special option to store or on that will meet your needs will depend on where you stay.


Yes, vintage electronics are definitely something we want to collect and keeping all electronic gadget safe and well protected from different elements in an investment that is worthwhile. So make sure you have removed all the batteries and have not stored anything on the floor directly where it can capture moisture very easily. You should label some of the boxes as fragile or use some bubble wrap or foam

Pieces of art

When it’s about storing family pictures, photos or possessions that you treasure the most, there are art supplies that are always to top the list. All these kinds of items require protection from heat, humidity and UV exposure. When you store pictures of travel, friends, and family. There are many ancestral photos found way back and sometimes you don’t know where to keep them. For that, a climate control storage unit would definitely work wonders.

Final tips for climate controlled storage units

  1. Make sure to share quality boxes and to pack them fully, so that they never collapse whenever stacked.
  2. Consider using some shelves to maximize the storage space and reduce all the stress on items and boxes
  3. Clean and drain all the appliances before you store them.
  4. You could keep an aisle open within the space so that all the items that are stored at the unit are back.
  5. The heavy paper is far better than the entire bubble wrap needed for packing glasses and dishes.
  6. In order to save all the money required for the packaging materials, you could ask the company if it sells or even sells those materials that are packaged.
  7. You should also take out the trinkets found in dressers and perfume bottles.