The Recent Fitness Technology That You Should Know About


The quick advancement in technology has shown the arrival of some hi-tech equipment which has literally revolutionized the health industry. Because of the latest technology being adopted today, a lot of people can now track and improvise their health. For instances, technology like waterproof fitness tracker makes it possible for you to monitor what is happening inside your body. As a result, you know what is affecting your health and how can you safeguard it. But, you should know how to choose a waterproof fitness trackerfirst.

The fitness tracker helps you keep a check on your blood pressure, lose weight and evaluate your heart rate. The best art is that it is wearable like a watch and you can carry it with you, no matter where you go. Thus, your fitness goals are never compromised and you don’t have to rush to the doctor to monitor your basics.

With every passing year, you see new and latest health technology releases and innovations on the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. In the year 2018, tech like AI drive headphones as well as lap tracking swim suit stole the show. All these technologies are made in such a way to help people enhance their workout sessions. If you are a fitness buff, then you are possibly wondering which of the technologies have been launched recently. Take a look, some of them are mentioned below:

FitBit Aria

If you thought your weight loss journey is tedious, then it is not! With FitBit Aria, you can evaluate your weight without any issues. It is a gadget which allows you to keep a check on your weight. It tells BMI and body fat percentage for 8 people. And, allows you to transfer the health data to your laptop to track your progress. Sync it with your smartphone to get notified when you achieve your workout objectives.

Peloton Treadmill

If you question any fitness lover, they will tell you that treadmill is the best gym equipment to own. Peloton is known to make marvelous stationary bikes. So, if you are in search of low impact treadmill, then go for Peloton treads. It makes simpler for anyone to complete their cardio session. It makes it simpler to control the incline and speeds as it has knob on both sides of the tread. The rubber treadmill lowers pressure on the knees and provides smooth run.

Soul Electronic Pro Bio headphones

It is a hi-tech device crafted for modern runners. If you are thinking to give your running form an enhancement, then this headphone will help you out. The Pro Bio headphones are decked with technology which alarms you when your running form dips. Thus, you can immediately use tips to correct it. The headphones get connected via Bluetooth and are sweat proof.

Under Armour HOVR Smart shoes

The UA HOVR smart shoes are designed to lower the gravity feel and enhance the energy return. The shoes have added cushion to absorb impact. The embedded app chip feature offers runners with live data about their performance.