The Best Sports Travel Destination In The United States


The adventure is one of the most sought ways today for those who want to find excitement in other activities. Adventure tourism is also linked to ecotourism, nature tourism and active tourism, abandon the traditional tourist model and experience new places and trips in a different way.

Sports Travel Destination

In the United States, the exploration of outdoor routes and risky sports are the most sought after ways, among others, for tourism and at the same time be the protagonist of adventures that increase the adrenaline and enrich the experiences of tourists on each trip. Also, you can book your flight ticket using Makemytrip Coupons to make your journey memorable.

 The possibilities of adventure tourism in the United States:

 There are as many as the extension of its territory, in more than 9 million square kilometres the alternatives are to choose at will: mountains, mountains, rivers, lakes, seas, ice, forests and a climate as wide as its geography, allows that the options are so interesting and diverse that he does not know which one to stay with when choosing adventure tourism as a new way of travelling on vacations or at any time of the year.

Adventure tourism in Alaska

Explore the wild wilderness of Alaska by land, water and air, be face to face with the greatness of its nature, biking through poplar forests, or rafting down the rapids, enjoying the glaciers and flying over your National park is an adventure that nobody should miss, especially lovers of adventure tourism.

Cycling in the territory of Alaska is a challenge, with long distances, hills and impressive routes but it is well worth the effort.

The cruise is another form of adventure tourism in Alaska; you can cross the blue waters of Glacier Bay, where wildlife and glaciers capture the centre of the scene for any tourist. The vibrant and overwhelming spirit of its natural beauty is immortalized by the adventurers who let them enchant the senses and record everything with their cameras. On foot, by water by land Alaska is an unforgettable destination alone or in family.

Adventure tourism in California

Death Valley National Park one of the preferred regions for adventure tourism in the United States is California and its wine regions that are of countless fun. The Alevander Valley is full of picnic spots along the roads in a landscape of manicured vineyards, fertile orchards, meadows that gleam like glittering gold and Victorian homes to relax in elegant style. In the midst of groves and undulating hills you can savour the most intoxicating local culture: the cellars.

On the other hand, the Yosemite National park, famous in the world for its thundering waterfalls, extensive meadows and dramatic granite peaks, has inspired visitors through time. A picturesque landscape of valleys, plateaus and cliffs sculpted by wind, rain and ice, the perfect complement for an adventure trip.

Another place of surprising beauty for adventure tourism is Death Valley National Park, a place of surprising natural beauty and fascinating topography, to explore it there is no better way than cycling and hiking to experience the geography of this park. Sculpted rocks, colored mountains and narrow canyons, ancient volcanic craters and the sun that creeps over the peaks form a landscape worthy of admiration.

Adventure tourism in Colorado

Colorado is one of the sites in the United States that has more beautiful landscapes, with historical places and friendly people, ideal for the perfect getaway and adventure tourism. A trip through Colorado has it all: a sequence of picturesque roads, streams, mountains and peaks, a place wide open between valleys and evergreen forests. In Colorado you can explore ancient mining towns and open up to a truly epic adventure in a setting that allows it all for fun and adventure tourism.

Adventure tourism in Maine

In Maine you can breathe fresh air and it’s like an enchanted world. Life in Maine retains the charm of fishing villages and in Acadia National Park you can climb the highest mountain or cycle by the meadows, mountains and nearby beaches. In Deer Isle you can visit the fishing villages, the waters of the island are the refuge of seals, butterflies and whales. Its archipelago is made up of more than 60 islands that can be travelled by kayak and even eat lobster on a cruise that runs through the area. The landscape of Maine with its rocky shores, lakes, mountains, rivers, islands, forests and spectacular beaches create a park for children and adults alike.  Also, you can book your hotel in this city using Oyo Offers to get great discount.

Adventure tourism in Massachusetts

Off the coast of Cape Cod, the relaxed pace and simple pleasures of life on the island have their reign, the small and hospitality of Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard will make you feel at home. Walking, cycling or driving you can go through landscapes of pine forests and beaches, passing by lonely lighthouses and fishing villages that are dedicated to fish and fresh seafood from the Atlantic.