Strange Facts You Never Knew About Las Vegas



If you have been reading about casino reviews or you have any remote interest about casinos, then you probably know about Las Vegas. This is considered as the entertainment capital of the world and in it you will find a plethora of casinos. Millions have been lost in millions have been won in the Vegas casinos. However, the self-proclaimed entertainment capital of the world has a few fascinating facts that many people are unaware of. In fact, some of them will leave you surprised and make you blame yourself for being ignorant for so long. In this place, we take a look at some of the strange facts you probably don’t know about Las Vegas.

The “Welcome to Vegas” Sign is not in Vegas

If you’re visiting Las Vegas for the very first time, you will not miss the conspicuous welcome to Vegas sign. It will surprise you to learn that design is not actually within the territory of Las Vegas. This is because a good chunk of the Las Vegas strip falls outside of the confines of the paradise which is a small township located outside the city. It simply means that the famous sign is not in Las Vegas.

More than 41 million visits annually


The number of people visiting the sin city has been rising over the past year, and it is estimated that annual visits are now north 41 million. It is strange that any single city is receiving so many visitors every single year, and this is nothing but a subtle indication at how popular the sin city is. If you have never visited Las Vegas, just know that by the time you will be making your visit, these numbers may have gone up higher.

It hosts 14 of the 20 biggest hotels in the world

The city of Las Vegas is a playground for the rich and the famous, and as such, it is easily understandable why international hotel chains would be eager to have their presence in the city. Well, there is nothing wrong with the big hotels going for a piece of the Vegas pie, but what is fascinating that in the entire world, fourteen out of the twenty biggest hotels are in Vegas. In this city, you will find the more square rooms per hotel than anywhere else in the world. And this is not to say that multinationals have stopped building hotels. Quite a number of projects are still on and the number of hotels and casinos in the city are likely to increase in the near future.

Huge underground tunnel under the city


When talking about tunnels in the United States, the cities that come to mind are New York and Houston. However, there is an elaborate network of secret tunnels running underground in Las Vegas. There are tunnels running for several miles beneath the surfaces and these were designed and constructed to help bring relief should there be disasters like flooding. At the moment, the tunnels have provided home to the hundreds of the homeless people in the region.

There are nuclear testing sites nearby

You will be surprised to know, or even get terrified that the United States Department of Energy used to test nuclear devices less than 100 miles from the city. The Nevada Test site is in close proximity, but you don’t have to worry about suffering from radiation poisoning when visiting Vegas since it has been decades since the sites were decommissioned and proper remediation measures taken. Additionally, areas that could still be potentially radioactive have been mapped and there are clear warning signs on where you should go to and avoid when explored the Nevada desert.

It has the most unlisted phone numbers


You have probably of the saying that what happens in Vegas should remain in Vegas, and one of the things that will startle you about the city is that it has the most unlisted phone number not just in the United States, but in the entire world. Before you start thinking why this could be the case, just remember that Vegas is the world’s sin city, and there is a lot of things happening every day and night. The rich and famous visit it in equal measures as the thugs and the most wanted criminals. As such, there could be a number of reasons why people would want to hide their phone communication in Vegas. If anything, it is one of the best hideouts for international thugs in the world.

75% minimum payout on video slots

Vegas made a name for itself out of gambling and the gambling experience you find in Vegas is like other. Of course, video slots are very popular online gambling games, and when you go to Vegas, you will be pleasantly surprised to learn that that the minimum payouts on the video slot machines is north of 75%. In fact, there are a few places in Vegas where you will find the payouts to be as high as 95% and these tell you why people are willing to come from far and wide just to experience the gambling in Vegas.

More than 333 weddings in Vegas every day


When it comes to marriages, Vegas have very many interesting stories. It is the only city in the world where you can get married in a moment’s notice and get a divorce also in no time. You could get married in the morning and get a divorce before your spend your first night as a couple. But these aside, there are over 300 weddings taking place in Vegas every single day. In Vegas, you need less than 10 minute to tie the knot.

The capital of shrimp consumption in the United States

Vegas is not just the capital of world entertainment, but also the capital of shrimp consumption in the United States. It is estimated that the residents and the visitors to the city consumes about 60,000 pounds of shrimps daily. This is more than what the rest of the entire states in the US consume in a single day.