Smart Tips to Effectively Prevent Technology Addiction


Are you struggling with technology addiction? Do you constantly check your smartphone when it is not even ringing? Then you may be suffering from a tech disorder. This is a universal concern that cuts across all age groups. Most people are addicted to their gadgets and it is greatly affecting human interaction and overall performance. Although technology is a huge invention in human history, you should not allow it to take over your life. With the emergence of new innovations, smart technology is gradually shifting the dynamics of people’s lives. However, you may be struggling with addiction unknowingly. Though your life may be progressing normally, you realize that you cannot function without the Internet. This kind of addiction is difficult to recognize and much harder to acknowledge. That is why it is vital for you to comprehend the nitty-gritties of this disorder.


This article helps you to identify the symptoms of addiction, smart tips on prevention, the related problems and finally how you can treat your addiction.

To learn more, here is a brief analysis on how you can identify the symptoms of technology addiction.


Just like any other disease, technology addiction has several symptoms. Here is a checklist you can use to gauge if you suffer from addiction:

  • Thinking about the Internet and longing to be online.
  • You feel the urge to keep on using the Internet without satisfaction.
  • Feeling depressed or anxious when trying to moderate technology usage.
  • Wasting time online than you anticipated.
  • Using the Internet to escape your reality or problems.
  • An endless reflex to your smartphone.
  • If you constantly have a need to check your phone when it is not necessary.
  • You ignore connections in the real world and concentrate so much on the virtual world
  • You feel agitated when you don’t have your technological device.

Tips to Prevent Technology Addiction

Research has shown that technology greatly affects our brains. The reaction a drug addict or smoker may get when they do not get a dose is similar when a tech addict gets cut off from the Internet. Do you want to prevent this from happening to you or your loved one? Follow these tips to effectively prevent technology addiction:

Engage in Offline Activities

Start by writing down a to-do-list of things you may be interested in or have been longing to do. It can be neglected chores like mowing the lawn or planting flowers, anything to keep your mind off technology. This may rekindle your old hobbies since you are spending your time constructively. Challenge yourself to complete one activity every day and you will be a step ahead of technology addiction. Moreover, if you are a student, writing essays help in utilizing the free time you may want to waste by aimlessly browsing the Internet.

Gauge the Time You Spend Online

We have no idea how much time we usually spend on our devices. Hence, if you decide to calculate the number of hours you spend fixated on your smartphone, you will be shocked to realize that you waste a significant amount of time. This fact can motivate you to cut down on technology usage. Furthermore, Rescuetime app can help manage your time by giving a daily overview of usage of your PC or laptop. This will help you focus more and achieve productivity.

Make a Not-to-do List

Making a not-to-do list requires discipline if you are already addicted to technology. Write down a guideline that will prevent you from accessing your devices. For instance, you can choose not to check your email before you reach the office or not to log in to social media sites while working. This will develop into a routine and you will gradually keep technology addiction at bay.

Limit Access to Technology

You can try to limit media devices by placing them in inconvenient positions. For instance, you can put your TV in a higher position where you have to climb a chair to turn it on. This will demotivate you from watching. Also, you can think of other brilliant ways to limit access to other devices.

Problems Related to Technology Addiction

  1. Mental issues

Studies reveal that excessive use of technology may lead to mental issues like depression and stress. Loss of adequate sleep and the constant need to connect with the virtual world may also cause fatigue. Furthermore, depression strikes because you may not have any real connections in the world.

  1. Health concern

When your concentration fully lies in technology, your health may seem secondary to you. Poor eating habits, missing medical checkups and not taking care of your general health because of addiction may lead to serious health concerns.

  1. Relationship problems

Technology has destroyed human interaction. Face-to-face communication is no longer valued due to instant messaging apps and live chats. When this happens, intimacy is compromised. Your spouse feels neglected and unappreciated when you are together but you are deeply engrossed in social media checking your live feed and notifications.

  1. Financial constraints

With advances in smart technology, new phones are manufactured daily. You may feel the need to keep up with the latest trend of smartphones which are costly to maintain. This can impact hugely on your finances and affect your life in general.

Treatment of Technology Addiction

Studies have proven that this is actually a disorder that exists among most people. You need to seek help for treatment and management like any other addiction that may affect you. Furthermore, it is important to identify other forms of entertainment while strictly limiting access to all your media devices. You can also dedicate one technology-free day per week. However, if your symptoms still persist, seek long-term treatment for future stability.

In conclusion, it is essential to regain back our self-esteem and not depend on technology for validation. The virtual world offers endless possibilities that you may lose your personality to the digital world. Furthermore, it is also important to take control of your life by understanding your daily technological habits. This will not only help in preventing technology addiction but also you will be more focused and productive in life.