Reasons Why You Should Opt for Natural CBD Oils over Synthetic Ones


As a first time user of CBD oils, you will come across both synthetic and natural ones. The difference lies in the fact that the natural CBD oils are extracts of the whole hemp plant while the synthetic ones are a manufactured purified version of the whole plant extract. Before necessary research was done, many people viewed natural CBD oil to be of inferior quality and less effective than the synthetic one. However, research done to compare these two proved the opposite true.

Many CBD oil users want to use products that will take effect in the shortest time possible. Considering that they are facing difficult times due to illness, they want to be sure to get the desired relief each time they use the CBD oil. At the end of the day, based on research on this matter, you will be better off using natural oil extracts as opposed to the synthetic ones.

Direct dose-response reaction

When you use the CBD oils, you want to get an immediate effect leading to relief of the condition you are suffering from. When you use the natural CBD oil, you will get a direct response with each dose. This means that it does not have a limited window where its impact fails to be therapeutic. This is as opposed to the synthetic CBD oil, which ceases to have any impact after a certain dosage amount. Any increase or decrease of dosage amounts no longer has any effect to the condition. When you use natural CBD oils, you will not have a limit as to its effectiveness. The studies concluded that natural CBD oil extracts have a direct effect in reducing inflammation and pain.

Administration requirements

The effect of natural CBD extracts increases with an increase in the dosage. Apart from this, the studies also showed that just a small amount was necessary to produce the desired effect when compared to synthetic CBD oils. This makes natural oils better suited in any setting as a little goes a long way in bringing about the desired results. You will not have to spend more than necessary, which is what happens when you use the synthetic options.

Anti-inflammatory effectiveness 

Natural CBD oil is superior in its ability to reduce inflammation. It boosts the release of TNF, a protein that aids in reducing inflammation the body. Synthetic CBD oils cannot offer the same relief to inflammation as the whole plant extracts do. If you want a more effective response, then you should use the natural CBD oils.

Given all the benefits you stand to gain from using natural CBD oils, you should make sure to get only brands that offer the whole plant extracts. Using synthetic CBD oils can be dangerous as it has many negative side effects that can cause your body harm. Using this form of CBD oil can see you feeling confused, lethargic and even anxious. As you are using the oils to feel better, it would be counterproductive to get negative effects that will add to your discomfort.