Online Payment Solutions for Online Gambling


It looks like the world has gone online and there is no way back. Shopping, reading books, playing games, you name it, we’re doing it all on the internet. We have to admit, it’s easier and more convenient. The list of advantages of the internet goes on. Businesses, as well, have to adjust to the current situation to remain competitive in the marketplace. A business has got it in the bag when it offers clients the possibility to shop online. A restaurant is more competitive in its locale when it delivers. A gaming company offers more opportunities when it offers consumers the possibility to game on-the-go using their smartphones.

Criteria for Online Payment Methods: How to Choose

The online world requires that customers pay online for their services. The more convenient the online payment method is, the easier for customers to shop online is. The online payment method should tick all boxes to be suitable for online businesses: Simple to use, a customer-friendly interface, efficient information input, and minimal windows from “buy it now” to check out.

Seven Jackpots Casino

Seven Jackpots is one of the online casino games sites that offers a variety of online payment methods to gaming enthusiasts, starting from PayPal and Visa cards, ending with Skrill and Neteller. The payment platform is also very user-friendly and it doesn’t take more than a minute to complete an online payment. The casino site also has a Sevenjackpots frequently asked questions answered page to make the online experience to gamers as convenient as possible.

Online Payment Solutions for Online Gambling

Online Gambling and Payment

Online payment is not only needed for shopping online. Customers can also pay for various services online. Online gaming has also been on the rise recently. According to Robin Hallengren, Head of SEO at ENV Media says: “The digitalisation trend is clearly happening around the world. Today, around 10% of the world’s gambling is being done online. This number will double by 2025.” Companies like Evolution gaming increased their quarter year on year revenue within Asia with 182%.

PayPal for a long time has been the reigning champion among online payment methods. It is a one-stop-shop to all online shoppers. It is convenient, even for business owners and freelancers. Thanks to technology, online businesses have a variety of online payment methods to choose from. Many of them offer cheaper and faster transactions, as well as  high level security and protection. Here are some of the newly arrived payment methods that online businesses can take advantage of.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is the premier payment method to suggest to every online business. Transactions with Apple Pay are fast and secure. Apple Pay uses touch ID confirmation for security purposes. For example, when a client wants to order food online, he can use his fingerprint to confirm his identity. While it’s still a young online payment service, Apple Pay can easily compete with other, more experienced methods that exist for much longer. At the moment, Apple is working on P2P payment systems.


Payoneer is the oldest online payment platform. This payment platform is well established internationally, being available for users from more than 200 countries, and it also accepts more than 150 different currencies. Receiving payments with Payoneer is free of charge. Their API is also very flexible and grows accordingly with your business. Clients who are not ready to go completely digital can get the MasterCard to connect with this platform to perform online payments.


Due is also a relatively young online payment platform that is known for being innovative using time-tracking and invoicing tools. It is a very convenient payment method suitable for both business owners and freelancers. Clients can also receive online payment using Due for only 2.7% rate. Due is also a global payment platform allowing customers to receive a global payment within two days. It also has a digital wallet where clients can send or receive money instantly, at no additional cost. The platform features the e-bank solution for storing cash online.


While having a lot of similarities with the online platform that acquired Venmo, PayPal, still, the differences between the two are there. PayPal is well-known in the online payment world and it’s still one of the most widely used online payment methods all across the globe. While PayPal is used for both international companies and personal purposes, Venmo is the perfect payment method for people who are active on social media platforms. In other words, Venmo is like a hybrid of PayPal, on the one hand, and social media platforms like Facebook and all new transactions are shared online on social media platforms. Whenever a friend sends money to a friend, it’s shared online in the news feed.

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