What Next After a Truck Accident?


Your next steps after being in a truck accident could have a profound impact on how your case pans out and your corresponding compensation. If you have ever being in a truck accident, first off, congratulations on getting out alive. Truck accidents can be very devastating while leaving you disoriented. Though, you may not be in the best condition to reason effectively, it is still important that you remember to do these few things. Most times, it ends up in a court, or at least with attorneys of both parties having a tete-a-tete. Here are a few proactive steps to make the case turnout in your favor. Resources provided by Philadelphia truck accident lawyers of Rand Spear. https://randspear.com/

An accident between a red car and a truck

Firstly, you would require the services of a truck accident lawyer and it is important that you plan on hiring one in the event of a truck accident.

Getting in touch with a truck accident lawyer is all good, but there are other things to consider. Below is a list of some of the things you should do if you are involved in a commercial truck accident:

Take Evidence

If you are in great shape, one very important task you should concern yourself with, outside your health, is the evidence of the accident. It is important that you gather as much evidence from the crash site as you can. These can come in the form of photographs; take photo shoots of the vehicles involved in the accident from all angles. Endeavor to capture yourself, your vehicle, the truck and your injuries or the injuries of your passengers.

Gather as much information as possible. Make sure to collect the names, addresses, and identifying information about the truck driver and any other person or people who can serve as eyewitnesses to the accident and in the rare case, give evidence in the law court. Key information you can gather includes;

  • The drivers license ID
  • The truck or trailer DOT number
  • Photographic evidence of the accident site and all damages including injuries.

Truck accident lawyers understand the complexities of personal injury laws and laws governing insurance claims in general and they know how to get insurance companies to pay you the compensation you deserve. The sooner you contact an attorney after your accident, the greater your chances of a successful outcome.

Get Medical Attention

If you, a loved one, or the other party gets involved in a truck accident, getting medical attention, you should be at the top of your priority list. You probably think “yea, everybody on the scene has to be well after the accident”. Well, there’s more to getting medical attention as quickly as possible. The doctor’s documentation on injuries and general state of well-being will come in handy as evidence in the case of personal injury.

Get A Personal Injury Lawyer

Truck companies are worth a lot and have a lot to lose in property when an accident occurs. It might surprise you how fast a truck company in this position will move to protect themselves after an accident. In fleeting time, they will have their people at the scene of the truck accident. What are they doing? What do you think? They are building a case (a wall if you like) to protect them from compensating you if they are at fault.

Having an attorney by your side quickly is your best bet to protecting yourself. The fellow will take immediate action and commence with the investigations of the truck accident. It is within the attorney’s doings to make sure the truck accident scene is well-documented to yield valuable evidence. The individual will call in favors necessary to make sure skid marks won’t be washed away naturally or on purpose until a proper investigation is conducted. He/she will interview witnesses while the accident is fresh in their minds.

When The Insurance Company Calls, Do Say A Word

This is more of a head start; the truck company’s insurance company will put a call through to you. Gently or forcibly, a statement may be requested from you. A hurriedly prepared settlement will be prepared and offered to you. Do not talk to the insurance agent without talking to us first. All these will happen if the truck company realizes they are guilty. So, if you do get these advances, don’t freak out, it’s a good start in disguise. If their agent calls you, he’s trying to minimize the amount of compensation paid out, whatever he does is not in your best interest. Now, your attorney’s job is to protect you from these sharks. Whatever unguided actions you perform or words you say from then on, could easily become a huge obstacle to getting all of the compensation you are worth.

Don’t wait till it is late, get an attorney and hope the day doesn’t come. If it does, somebody is going to pay for messing with you