“Momentousness of Gold in Indian values”


Since ancient time, people of India believe in the significance of gold. As everyone knows, India was known as the golden bird also and this prestige and beauty of the Indian culture is attracting the world towards this charming golden glow and as the generations pass, India’s adoration for gold has become stronger and this is proved by the stats that Indians are accounted for consuming the most amount of gold globally. Nowadays, people think that gold is an investment but our Indian values teach us that gold is a significant metal and culturally essential and has a special place in Indian hearts.

Momentousness of Gold in Indian values

Gold as symbol of Indian culture

As we know we worship Devi Lakshmi on Diwali who is the goddess of wealth and also worship gold as a symbol of prosperity. This clearly shows the Indian values. Irrespective of religion, gold is also valuable and reverencing in Sikhism, Jainism, and Christianity as well. These all amalgamated depict the ethnic Indian culture.

Gold as an economic investment

Almost every family in India has some amount of gold in their house which is mostly securely saved in a bank locker. Most of them believe that buying gold is a good investment. Along with maintaining cultural values, gold proves to be the safest investment. As the price of the gold fluctuates every day, but you may never get the decreased worth of your gold and therefore it is always secure for making an investment it in gold as you will be prosperous in both price and value.

Gold as heirloom 

Many Indian families consider gold as a way of keeping their family’s legacy alive. Indian families have gold jewellery and ornaments like heavy Gold necklaces, light weight Gold bangles, and complete jewellery set that is passed on as a legacy from generations.

Gold as gifts 

Gifting any ornament or something that is made up of gold is considered as propitious in India. In any special occasions like wedding ceremonies or inauguration of a new home or office, when a new life adds on to your family, People consider it lucky to gift anything golden. Some people gift a gold finger ring, gold coin or any kind of ornament that is made up of gold.

Gold as status symbol 

People nowadays are changing and their values are also so being affected. In the previous years, gold was considered culturally important and presently it is nothing but flaunting the richness instead of depicting respect. Gold has become a status symbol of the rich-society people. They consider that in any function or event, the amount of gold that they wear depicts their status in the society which is completely wrong. Gold should be considered as a source of respect and fruitfulness for the family, not a way to display their lavishness ostentatiously.

But as said, all glitter is not gold. But for Indians, gold has a monetary value and great worth. We worship this super metal gold and we believe that it may provide a solution for every problem that we face as it is a symbol of good wealth and prosperity and we trust that gold is a synonym of God and therefore is a major and chief aspect of everyone’s life.