Metals for Men’s Wedding Bands – All That You Ever Wanted to Know


Choosing a wedding band can be far more difficult than one would imagine simply because you need to contend with a very large number of variables. However, one of the most fundamental decisions that you should take very early on is the choice of the metal as it can dictate the appearance, style, durability, comfort factors and most importantly, the cost. A brief rundown on some of the popular ring metals:

Metals for Men’s Wedding Bands

Yellow Gold

Yellow gold is easily the most popular choice for a wedding band for both men and women. An important factor is the purity, as pure 24-karat gold is too soft. Typically, 18-karat gold that is essentially an alloy of gold, copper, and zinc is the most popular. Not only it’s toughbutcheaper as well. Yellow gold is favored for its classic looks and the color does not fade, however, it can get worn down over time.

White Gold

White gold that is made by mixing yellow gold with silver or palladium has become popular with people who trust gold but want to experiment a bit. When you choose white gold for a wedding ring, you need to know that over time the white color will turn yellow, unlike platinum. While you may be happy due to the lower cost, the recurring cost of maintenance over the long term should be kept in mind. Nevertheless, white gold wedding rings can be an excellent choice for those who want something really beautiful but have a tight budget.


A much-favored choice for wedding jewelry, platinum has a very sophisticated silvery-white look and is extremely durable being very tough. Due to its relative rarity, platinum is an expensive purchase, however, it does not require any maintenance even when worn daily over a lifetime. If you are considering diamonds or other gemstones, make it a point to opt for platinum as it holds the stone firmly in place. Platinum bands never fade, are extremely resistant to scratches and dings, and are hypoallergenic, a great boon for folks with sensitive skin.It is, however, more expensive than gold. Visit for a great selection of platinum wedding bands.


With its distinctive silver-gray appearance, titanium is the choice of people who want to underline their sophisticated personality. A very hard and durable metal, you can easily forget about it when working with your hands, playing a sport, or taking a swim in the pool or even the ocean as it is corrosion-proof. Apart from being far stronger than platinum, gold or silver, it is also very lightweight and scratch-resistant making it a good choice for men who are not accustomed to wearing jewelry. Unfortunately, due to its hardness; manufacturing, repairing or resizing is very difficult, and not all jewelers sell them as it is not considered to be a traditional precious metal.


In addition to the above, men can choose metals like cobalt, tungsten, palladium, etc. that all are very hard, durable, and possess a new-age sophistication that can be very appealing.

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