Melbourne Removalist Services – How to Pick the Right Moving Company?


Picking the right moving Company is critical to any successful home moving project. The choice is important to avoid chaos and create a smooth moving experience for home movers who could be at peace with the way things happen.  The experience and expertise of the moving company are what you must judge first when deciding which company would be right for you. While you must not try to look for a cheap removalist because it could actually turn out costly, at the same time, you must ensure that your spending justifies the quality of services that help you to start up a new home without any worries.

Melbourne Removalist Services

Look for AFRA accreditation

With the choice of removalist being so important, you should know how to evaluate the company so that you find enough reasons for banking on it. The first thing is that you have to work with a certified removalist like the one you would find at, a company accredited with AFRA or Australian Furniture Removers Association. The accreditation is a sign of reliability because AFRA is the regulator of the industry and ensures that its members comply with strict guidelines of professional conduct.  All staff members of AFRA accredited companies are properly trained for the job, and the companies use appropriate vehicles for providing services.

 Having ascertained that it is a reliable company, look for something more that would make you confident about your decision.

End to end service

Check if the removalist company offers end-to-end service right from packing to unpacking and placing the items at the new location. They must work with you right from the planning stage by understanding what you want and then create a work plan accordingly. They should handle everything related to home moving, and you should remain a mere onlooker.

Check the resources

Moving home entails an array of activities that involve many different agencies like packers, material handlers and transporter as well as the insurance companies. The moving company need to have access to a pool of resources that can provide the quality service that you desire. They must have access to proper transport like trucks with climate control features or extra long truck with covering in case you need one.

Ascertain the packing expertise

The quality of packing is very important when moving home because it contributes to the safe transportation of goods. The packing has to be roadworthy and suitable for the type of item because furniture packing will be different from packing a piece of costly artwork or fragile glassware.  Check if the company has the wherewithal and experience of doing the appropriate packing.

Comprehensive insurance

Insurance coverage of goods is mandatory due to the possibilities of transit damage. The removalist company should arrange for comprehensive insurance coverage so that in case any damage happens or something is lost in transit; you can receive monetary compensation for it. Moreover, they should assist you in filing a claim for insurance, if need be.

Overall, the removalist company should be capable of providing customised services to meet all your needs.