Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy – Causes, Treatments and Preventions


Lower back pain during pregnancy is one of the grave problems faced by the pregnant women. Sitting, walking and even sleeping becomes a problem because of the constant excruciating pain.

One thing that all the women having the lower back problem should remember is, they are not alone. Almost 70% of all the expecting ladies go through this phase. Most of the times, back pain occurs during the late pregnancy as the baby grows.

Ladies who are over-weight or experienced back ache prior to pregnancy are those who are at a higher risk of experiencing the same.


Image Source: newsnetwork.mayoclinic.org

Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy Causes

Lower back pain during pregnancy-causes are mentioned below so that you don’t worry too much when you face it:

  1. When a lady is pregnant, the centre of gravity of the body changes. The uterus grows along with the baby and that changes the posture of the body which can cause discomfort
  2. The body keeps on preparing itself for the birth and that is why during pregnancy the pelvic area softens and joints become loose. Due to all these things, the back does not receives the support that it generally gets
  3. Along with supporting your own weight, a lady has to support the additional weight of the growing baby. Although women happily carry a baby but the back pain can have a huge impact on their lives at later stages
  4. Stress is an inseparable part of the mother-to-be and that is one of the major reasons for the lower back pain during pregnancy

Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy Preventions

The above mentioned points show the causes of lower back pain but the question arises as to how to take care of it. What are the treatments and the precautions that should be taken to go through it? Well, below I explain some of the treatments and preventions:

  1. Instead of bending to pick up something, squat should be your mantra. This will help in maintaining a proper posture
  2. It is important for all the pregnant ladies to avoid heels at all costs. Firstly, because it poses a danger to the baby and secondly, it will have an adverse effect on the back
  3. Out of habit, most of the women tend to sleep on their back while expecting a baby but that should also be avoided. Sleep on your side to avoid body pains
  4. A shout out to all the pregnant ladies reading this, make sure you do the exercise that is assigned by the doctor. Only that is a sure shot way of avoiding the back pain
  5. Rest Rest and more rest should be goal. Anyways once the baby is born, you will hardly get any; so make use of this time and have plenty of rest and sleep

Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy Treatments

  1. Use ice or heat to treat the extreme pain that you might face during pregnancy
  2. Yoga and meditation will come to your rescue during the difficult times. When your mind is at peace, your body will be too
  3. Try to sleep on your left side and use the pregnancy pillow that is easily available on the internet
  4. Support devices are available in the market. Make use of support belts for the pregnant ladies and monitor the heartbeat of your baby
  5. Make sure you do not miss any appointment with the doctor and keep asking as many questions you want in order to avoid stress. Your doctor may also subscribe medicines if the pain does not subside

Lower back pain during pregnancy – causes, treatments and preventions are stated above for all those looking for a ray of hope. Don’t get disheartened, just remember your bundle of joy is soon to come. As soon as your baby will come to this world, you will forget all these pains and discomforts. Remain positive and pray to God for a healthy and a happy baby. Lots of baby dust coming your way.