List of Top Ten Home Injuries to Avoid


Do you know how many people die each year doing everyday work? Well, according to a study, around 18000 people. This is not a small amount given the place of their unfortunate death. Children and elderly members fall victim of various in house injuries. I will try to explain those common injuries and how to avoid them.


#1 Falls

The most common type of accidents that occur in houses are the falls. Also, they are the most fatal ones too. Falling from stairs, ramps on the floor, bed, chairs, sofas, table and the list is never ending. No matter how hard you try, still some of the other member will fall down doing housework.


Preventing Falls

To prevent falls, make sure that the floor is not wet at any time of the day. children can easily fall due to wet floor. Also, make sure that the surface of the floor is not uneven. Crying over spilt milk won’t help.

#2 Kitchen

List of top ten in home injuries cannot be complete without including the most common place of all the accidents, the kitchen. It is the place where everything can happen, from poisoning to burns and hence it is important to take care of all the things that can cause hazard.


Preventing Kitchen Hazards

Checking the gas connection and the pipes should be your priority every once a month. Never leave a child alone in the kitchen, he can get hurt by ’n’ number of reasons.

#3 Bathroom

Major injuries happen in this place. Most of the accidents happen by falling in the shower. Burning with hot water is another accident that can happen in the bathroom.


Preventing Bathroom Hazards

A simple piece of advice who are still unsure of what can happen in the bathroom: make sure that the floor is dry at all times of the day. Another thing to remember, make sure that you check the temperature of the water before entering the shower. A high risk of burning with hot water can be avoided by following this simple trick.

#4 Stairs

Oh! stairs have always been my worst nightmare. I have fallen by stairs at least 10 times in my life. It is very easy to fall on them and the recovery process is very slow. No matter what your age is, falling on the stairs can happen with anyone.


Preventing Falls from Stairs

Cover the steps with carpets or anti-slip wax. This is a boon for people having children and elderly people at their home. You can place a security fence at the top and the bottom of the stairs so that the children do not fall there.

#5 Suffocation

Another major thing that can cause in house injury is suffocation. With small children present at home, make sure you do not give them big chunks of food that can lead to suffocation. Avoid giving peanuts to children because they can choke on them.


Preventing Suffocation

Preventing suffocation is easy, just make sure that you avoid giving nuts and big toffees to the children. Also, keep disinfectants away from the reach of children.

#6 Electric Shocks

This is the most dangerous accident that can happen at home. Children generally touch the sockets and wires not knowing the outcome but it is our duty to ensure their safety.


Preventing Electric ShocksTo avoid the risk of being the victim of electric shocks, make sure that the sockets are above the reach of children, their is no wire that is open and can cause a shock. If at all there are wires that are dangerous, call an electrician and make the necessary changes.

#7 Poisoning

The list of top ten in home injuries include the risk of getting poisoned. Disinfectants, floor cleaners and liquid detergents are very dangerous and hence should be kept at a safe distance from the children. Usually children tend to drink anything and everything that they lay their hands on and it can cause some serious defects in their bodies.


Preventing Poisoning-Just make sure that the children are not touching or drinking any of the above stated things. Keep an eye on the toddlers, if any because they are the one’s who usually become the victims of poisoning.

#8 Cuts

The most common in home injuries are cuts and bruises. Getting hurt from a knife in the kitchen or while using a blade while shaving, cuts tend to affect everyone but make sure that you don’t get seriously injured.


Preventing Cuts and Bruises-If you are using a sharp knife, make sure you cut the vegetables on the cutting board. Also, there are various products available in the market that can save you from those deadly cuts. Use good quality razors while shaving because nothing hurts bad than those ugly cuts on the face right at the beginning of a very important day. Keep knifes, blades and any other sharp object away from the reach of the kids because they can be severely hurt from them.

#9 Cosmetic Poisoning

Products such as nail polishes, nail polish removers and perfumes contain high proportion of alcohol and thus not be consumed. Children have a fascination of using them but make sure that they don’t gobble them.


Preventing Cosmetic Poisoning

A simple thing to keep in mind is to keep nail polishes, removers, astringents and perfumes far from children. Don’t let any of these things come in contact with their mouths. They can cause life threatening problems.

#10 Drug Poisoning

Many people die due to drug poisoning each year and that is why this is the most dangerous in home accident. Eating medicines that you have no idea about or taking too many medicines without talking to your health care provider can cause serious health issues.


Preventing drug poisoning

Always talk to your health care provider before taking a medicine. Also, take the prescribed dose. Keep medicines away from the children as drug poisoning can be a hazard for them.

All the above mentioned in home injuries are very common and can effect any one. It is our duty to keep safety and save ourselves and our children from any sort of accident. Take care!