Instagram Bot Popularity: How And Why?


Instagram has been existing for more than 8 years already. Not so much but still it is our one of the most favorable mediums for sharing photos and impressions, promoting businesses and watching other people do that. With time people started to realize that to get more customers and fans you need to find tools which can do that in a more effective and fast way. As modern technologies facilitated that, Instagram bot were invented.

Instagram Bot Popularity

What is the game?

An Instagram bot is one of the automation facilities existing for the moving forward your account. Their prime objective is to make your profile popular by means of emulation of the human actions directed to the increase of the speed of new users attraction and the step-up of their loyalty.

Why is it gaining popularity?


The reason why Instagram bots have become so popular lies in the working principles of bots. As it was mentioned above they emulate your arrangements for the making your account accessible, easy to find and noticeable. Still unclear? Let me explain.


It follows the strategy follow/unfollow. The strategy is obvious: the more people you follow, the more people will do the same. This way, the number of your real followers will grow and your ambitions will be pleased. But there always will be some dare-devils who won’t follow you in return. And then, the function of unfollowing will enter the game. The bots can unfollow not only one-sided follows but it can do that with everyone at all. Thus, you will know who is really loyal to your acc: if the people whom you unfollow you, they are not your loyal audience. So you can find another target.

It sends comments and Direct Messages. To make your audience engaged to a higher level, the IG bots offer the function of leaving comments under the posts of your TA and sending them Instagram DM online. Write common patterns and let the automation tool do all the manual part of it. This functions will help you to increase the ER indexes and revenues to a certain extent.

It leaves your likes. The rightly fixed targeting settings allow to refer to the procedure of liking Instagramers’ posts and feed. This is another way of bringing in some recognition to your profile.

It provides analysis. The possibility to track statistics and make some analyses is extremely critical not only for businesses but for anyone who wants to be promoted faster. IG bots offer that possibility. Check it on the regular bases and upgrade your strategy accordingly. Thus, your promo campaign will appear to be much more efficient.


A lot of IG users are afraid of getting banned or being suspended by the friends in the usage of unfair methods of building hype around your acc. If you are one of those people, be sure most of IG bots are reliable. The bots simply cannot excced them, they are written in their code. That’s why you can be sure that your promo won’t stop even for a second.

As for the personal info and all the passwords, they are confidential and won’t be shared anywhere, 100% cause it is their reputation that is at stake. Moreover, the high level of anonymity is provided by the assignation of proxy servers. So people can be sure that the personal info will be stolen.

In addition, the tech support teams of every bot offer their help and assistance 24/7, if you suddenly face some problems.


IG bots are great tools for marketing automation, no doubt. But they can be used not only marketers but the average people as well. Mostly, their interface allows using them without reading any instructions and manuals. You click a couple of buttons and here you are, the promotion has started. Moreover, there are some automation tools that do not require downloading an app or anything, their cloud-based service enables access to the dashboard via any device and browser, at any time.

Seem that’s all. But no, stop. There are some functionalities of IG bots that are loved by people to a great extent. For instance, the hashtag generator which quickly provides you with the cool hashtags which you can combine in any way so that not to repeat yourself.

What is the logical conclusion of the article? IG bots are gaining their popularity not only because people are looking for fast and cheap popularity. They are used by millions of people who appreciate quality and safety.