Injured at Work? 4 Important Reasons Why You Need an Attorney


Sometimes, injury happens when you least expect it. When you get injured at work, you may be eligible for compensation from your employers. However, in a bid to be smart, they may deny you the right to compensation completely or be cheeky about it. In as much as you feel that it may be a waste to hire a lawyer, you need one to navigate the issue for you. You need to be smart in all the steps you take so that you get what you are entitled to. In a case like that, it would be smart to hire a lawyer for the following reasons.

Reasons Why You Need an Attorney

  1. Claim termination

In some situations, the insurance company handling your claim might make the decision to terminate it. This means that you would not receive any compensation or medical attention. They do this in order to keep their costs low in every claim. A lawyer will help ensure that this doesn’t happen. They will negotiate with the insurance company to keep their end of the deal. Through their expertise, you will be able to enjoy medical care and benefits to the extent promised in your contract.

  1. Pre-mature working

Some companies will allow you to go to hospital but expect you to go back to work before you are fully healed. You may need a lawyer if a doctor you are seeing recommends that you go back to work pre-maturely. The layer will be able to ensure that you get proper care and rest until you are fully healed. If you have no one to fight for you regarding this issue, you may end up being oppressed. You would be forced to return to duty but your injuries may get worse as you haven’t healed.

  1. Deadline

When it comes to the insurance company, there are usually deadlines for filing injury claims. This is also true of most places of employment. Missing a deadline may cost you your compensation. Due to the trauma you have endured, you may forget to file all the needed documents. A workers’ compensation lawyer can do all this for you as they know the law better. They will ensure that everything is in order and follow up on your claims. All they need is the workers’ comp information. You can relax and let the lawyer handle the legal aspects.

  1. Proper treatment

Unfortunately, some companies don’t like to carry the burden of an injured employee. They may end up terminating you or demoting you because of your injury. This is unlawful. A good attorney can make sure that you keep your job and are allowed enough time to recuperate. Furthermore, you may not readily receive all the compensation you are entitled to from your employers. According to an article by, a good attorney can help you to get the medical care you are entitled to. They can ensure that you get everything prescribed so as to get better faster.