Improve Conversion by Blending Design and Functionality to Create Better User Experience


User experience or UX rules supreme in online marketing because of both marketers, as well as search engines, are keen to provide the best experience to users. What would make users most happy is what both stakeholders of online marketing are keen to find out.  To ascertain how much-satisfied users are in using Google services for searching, Google frequently undertakes usability studies and experiments that help to identify the areas that need improvement. The continuous process of improving products and services thus depend on close monitoring of user experience that holds the key to make the SEO campaign more effective. Improved UX gives better SEO results through longer user engagement.

Conversion by Blending Design

Unsatisfactory online business performance might often prompt marketers to make changes to the business processes for better results, but this may not be the right approach.  When online businesses fail to perform to the desired level of expectations, the problem mostly lies with the inability to create a good user experience that resulted in low engagement rates and poor conversions.

According to the SEO consultant Houston, poor quality of web design is often the reason why viewers are unable to enjoy their stay on the website, lose interest and turn away. To impress viewers, at first sight, create high-quality WordPress websites with compelling themes and well thought out design that provides the best online experience. Consider the design aspects by keeping in mind that the ultimate goal is to create longer viewer engagement because the more they spend time on the website, higher are the chances of lead generation and conversion.  Read on to know about the aspects of web design that needs more attention to better business performance.

Conversion by Blending Design

Choose a contemporary theme

 Pick the WordPress theme that is most current or at least contemporary so that you create a mental connect with majority viewers who prefer staying tuned with times. Just imagine what can happen if you use some theme that used to be popular many years ago.  The first impression that the website creates is that your business belongs to a bygone era and perhaps it does not exist anymore. Since the theme is old, users become suspicious about its security systems, which must also be quite old and thus not capable of protecting the website from the new age threats. Lastly, users might become skeptical about the credibility of the site is and would not show any interest in it.

Search engines depend on user experience to gauge the credibility of websites and its quality. As users turn away from the site, search engines too, abandon the website. As a result, the SEO campaign takes a massive hit. Taking the user first approach in web design ensures that you stick to contemporary themes Select a theme that keeps the audience hooked to the website right from the time they view it for the first time.

Display your value proposition

 Conveying some value to users is the objective of any web design. What kind of value proposition you want to convey through the website must become clear to users by looking at the web design. And you have to achieve it right from the first visit of users. Once viewers discover the value proposition, they become more interested in exploring other aspects of the website; stay engaged longer and would find reasons to take steps in purchasing. Since the quality of the product becomes evident from the value proposition you convey, it becomes easier to prevail upon viewers to take a favorable decision.

Preserve visual hierarchy

 Websites are ideal examples of the perfect blend of functionality with aesthetics that paves the way for realizing business goals. In the first instance, viewers must be happy with the aesthetic appeal of the website that arouses their interest in it. On delving deep, they would come across the functionalities that should provide satisfactory user experience and drive them towards positive decision making that meets the goals of the business.  Therefore, you must use the visual design elements like size, shape, color, and contrast craftily for organizing the web page that gives pleasure to users.

Keep the checkout process simple

 The most significant problem that web designers face is to ensure that viewers do not abandon the cart midway. Often, due to a complicated and lengthy checkout process, users are unable to go through the entire process as they face hindrances, get frustrated and quit interim. Keeping the checkout process simple so that users can complete in a few clicks would speed up the process and cut down on the checkout abandonment rate. If visitors can visualize the steps involved in checkout with the help of a progress indicator, it would make things even simpler and encourage them.

The rate of conversion is highly dependent on the web design, and you must always keep in mind to design high performing WordPress websites.

About the author:  Bill Levin is a web designer who has created hundreds of WordPress websites including some for leading e-commerce companies.  He has teamed up with an SEO consultant Houston and plans of opening a marketing consultancy firm of their own.  He is learning photography that was once his hobby.