How To Save Your Marriage


Marriage is not just two people living together but two people sharing their lives together. When some one asks me how to save their marriage, I simply advice them to take their time and have some patience. Understanding a person is never easy and that is why it requires a lot of time, effort and patience in doing so. Top ways of saving your relationship are mentioned below:

Tips on How to Save your Marriage


#1 Write It Down


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Many a times we tend to keep things that hurt us, in our minds because saying them seems impossible. One advice to all the married couples who want to have a happy married life is to write down anything that you can’t say to your partner. Make sure you write all the details and how you felt at that time. Later on, make your partner read it. This way he will be able to understand how he made you feel.

#2 Discussion


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Make a list of all the issues that you have in your marriage. Try to talk about it and find a solution to the problems that you are facing. The things will get better only when you have found mutually agreeable solution to the problems.

#3 Patience


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Patience, my dear is the best solution to any problem in a married life. Taking decisions in a hurry will never help and that is why if you are facing a problem, give it time and have patience. Make sure you do not get angry because sometimes our anger makes things worse.

#4 Cut The Negativity


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Have you ever thought why most of the arguments take place? Well, they do because of the negativity in the relationship. Playing the blame game, complaining about everything, sarcasm, accusations and remarks won’t help you in having the perfect relationship that you always wanted. Instead of making those nasty comments about one another, calm down and engage in things that can help build mutual respect. If you want your relationship to thrive, respect each others opinions instead of humiliating them.

#5 Eliminate The 3 ‘A’s’


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Do you want your marriage to work out? Eliminate the three A’s that can destroy the relationship- Anger, Addiction and Affairs. They should be out of bounds in a healthy relationship. If you are indulging in any of these three relationship-destroying habits, take the help of a therapist or talk about it with your spouse to get rid of it. If your partner is the one with one of these self-defeating habits, trying to save the marriage can be a mistake. It would be best to end the marriage.

#6 Bargaining


If you want to know how to save your marriage, well, don’t use threats as a bargaining chip. Giving threats do not mean that you are a bad person, instead it means that you have learned a wrong habit that you should probably get out of your system. Your spouse should not save the marriage because you are threatening him but he should save it because he loves you deeply.

#7 Trust


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One of the building blocks of any relationship is trust and that is why it is important to trust your partner. Just because you think he is involved in some wrong activity, does not necessarily means he is doing something wrong. Don’t blame your partner until you sure he is being unfaithful to you. If you say something, do it because only our actions build trust in another person’s heart.

#8 Let Go Of The Fantasy


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You saw a movie last night and want your spouse to act like the protagonist in the movie? Let go of your fantasies and don’t expect unrealistic things from your partner. This will only bring sadness and anger. Celebrate your unison rather than complaining about one another’s behaviour. Your husband cannot be perfect but that is how all human beings are, so why not enjoy that?

Marriage is an institution, it teaches a lot of things and it is important to learn all the good things rather than the wrong ones. Once you understand that a good marriage requires time, affection and a lot of talking, things will become easier and your union would become a happy one. Listen to your heart when it comes to understanding your partner and see the miracle happening. Also, don’t forget to do little things like going for a date, cooking dinner or washing the utensils because those things make a lot of difference. All the best!