How to Refinance Your Student Loan? Know Here!


Going to college and getting a degree is one of life’s most fulfilling experiences. Completing your graduation, probably you land in a successful job, and chances are, you are burdened with a steeper student loan that you have to repay.

Depending onthe type of loan that you have borrowed and the monthly loan repayment options, you might consider refinancing your loan. Refinancing is basically about taking a new loan to repay the old one, but with more agreeable terms and interest rates.

Loan refinancing can help you especially if you are on a tight budget and once you decide to go for it, you can start reviewing the options available. In this article, we will discuss student loan refinancing and give you a clear idea of how to refinance your loan.

How to refinance student loans

For many people, loan refinancing is a very practical way to get out of debt. Loan refinancing cuts the frills on your monthly payments by lowering interest rates. You still might have questions in your mind regarding the process and how long will the procedure actually take and whether or not you are eligible for loan refinancing. Here’s a step by step guide that will assist you in refinancing your student loans.

  • Check the interest rates with different lenders

Before diving into the loan refinancing program, research. You don’t have to commit to the first offer that you get. Browse and browse as many lenders as you want without affecting your credit scores. There is no obligation to choose a plan until you are sure that it meets your requirements.

There are many lenders out there for you to choose from. offers a reference list of the best student loan lenders for refinancing. You can visit these lenders’ websites to check the different interest rates they have to offer.

  • Choose a lender and terms of loan

Once you find some good offers, choose a lender and a loan that will meet your requirements perfectly. You can compare the various loan terms to choose a plan. There are multiple categories of plans. You can opt for either a five-year, a ten-year or even longer repayment periods. Longer repayment options lower your monthly repayment amounts while shorter terms get you out of debt quickly.

  • Get your documents ready

Now, once you have selected the most agreeable plan according to your needs, you need submit an application along with your documents to lock in your deal.

You’ll be asked to submit a proof of your legal citizenship, a valid ID number (Driver’s license or passport will do), and a proof of your income and statements of all your prior loans. Gather the documents and upload them on your online account. You can also contact the customer service regarding any questions you  have in mind.

  • Keep Paying Your Loans

While waiting for the approval of loan refinancing, keep paying your current loans. Your refinancing application will require two to three weeks’ time to process. In the meantime, don’t stop on repaying your current loan. Stop only after you get the approval from your refinancing lender.

Once your application has been approved, you can set up auto withdrawals from your account so that you don’t miss out on a payment.

Final Words

Refinancing is a tactical way to repay a student loan debt. I hope that this article has helped you understand how you can refinance your loans. You can compare different lenders and their rates so that you can find a good offer and say goodbye to your previous loan services.