How to Reduce Stomach Acid?


The stomach produces a type of acid that breaks down the food and prevents the GI tract from infection. As the excess of anything is harmful, so the excess of stomach acid is also harmful. It takes to the severe health problem, pain, and uncomfortable symptoms. When acid leaks in the food pipe, then the problem of heartburn and gastro esophageal reflux arises. This disease can damage the esophagus and your throat. To get the answer of how to reduce stomach acid, you need to look on listed below option to reduce the stomach acid.


Balanced Diet

The balanced diet includes low-fat or free fat dairy, vegetables, fruit, and the entire variety of grains. They also refer to the food which area rich in protein like beans, fish, and poultry. Individual should go for the food which are low in saturating, cholesterol free, added sugar, trans fat, and sodium. You can also add different food to have your diet balanced.

Body Mass Index

The weight of the healthy body is defined as the body mass index, which can play a vital role in getting the answer of how to reduce stomach acid. The BMI is evaluated with the help of height and sex. To find your body mass, you can make use of BMI calculator. To control your BMI, you need to adjust your diet and exercise.

Maintain Weight

To maintain your weight, you need to check out nutrition labels for calories. This is the most efficient manner to maintain your weight. It’s really important remain in the calorie range every day. To know your calorie, you need to multiply your weight in pounds by ten. Your intakes of the calories depend upon the age, gender, and your activity level. To get the accurate number of calories, you should make use of calorie calculator. To maintain the flow of energy while losing weight, lose one pound weight per week.

Eat in Small Portion

Take small meals and try to eat them slowly. This will help in efficient digestion and you will move one step forward in the path of how to reduce stomach acid. The portion which is not eaten in poorly may face problem in the digestion process. The makes you feel that you have not eaten full stomach which makes you eat a lot. The person who have fast eating habit, shallow the air with the food, which lead the food bloating. Normally, the stomach takes twenty minutes to send the signal to the brain that it is full now. This gap of time makes people eat more food then they are required.

Maintain GRED

There is no specific food that has been found to cure GERD. However, to get rid of GERD problem, avoid certain kind of foods and you will probably come to know one point to how to reduce stomach acid. There are listed below which can make GRED in worse condition.

  • Drinks like tea, coffee, and soda must be avoided.
  • The ingredients that have the good amount of caffeine and chemicals like chocolate and peppermint.
  • Avoid taking alcohol in can form.
  • Food those are spicy like curry, hot pepper, and hot mustards.
  • Must avoid the foods that are acidic in nature like tomatoes, citrus fruit, and the vinegar.
  • Food that causes the problem of gas and bloating such as cabbage, dairy, broccoli, and high-fat foods.
  • Sugar foods.

Exercise schedule

The exercise should be done on regular basis. The other alternative option is to follow the schedule that is recommended by American studies. The American studies say that thirty minutes of exercise five days in the week is enough. You can also go for the vigorous aerobic activity for 25 minutes, three days in a week. The best schedule that you need to follow to do more exercise as much as possible.

All the above points together are perfect solution on how to reduce stomach acid. Hope these points help you in keeping your stomach acid in control and stay away from stress and other problems.