How to Promote Instagram In 2019


Many people notice that Instagram changes so quickly that you only have time to learn one, as it stops working, you have to learn another, as soon as you finish the second, the third has already begun to work, the first and second are already outdated.

In this race, it is important to clearly understand where you are and keep up with current trends, otherwise the time is not far when the Instagram will throw you to the sidelines, to rise from which will be “oh, how difficult”.

Promote Instagram In 2019

What became the trend of 2018 and how to promote Instagram in 2019?

1) Stories

Stories began to dominate to a large extent over the tape, and the pastime of users on Instagram has shifted significantly in the direction of Stories.

We have already said that Stories have become a full participant in the struggle for the user’s attention and require a separate content plan, categorization for more precise interaction and user involvement. Nevertheless, in Stories it is important to keep both live and random stories, otherwise the value of the section will decrease due to the introduction of hard content plans.

I think it is worth paying attention to the involvement of users, questionnaires, which allow the audience not only to vote, but to manage certain processes in the life of a blogger or a brand.

The Stories section constantly receives updates that allow you to interact more closely with users, to more actively engage and retain interest. At the same time, there is a tendency on the market (as a developed reflex) that immediately after the release of the supplement, they begin to drastically use the update, inventing different applications for it.

After some time passes, they gradually begin to forget about it, and the stories stream fill in monotonous slides with identical questionnaires. No, it is not necessary. Work long, and do not extinguish enthusiasm a week after the update. Constantly try new directions, test different headings, etc.

Show stories more live, backstage filming, reviews, interesting cases, share thoughts, engage your audience.

Individual creation of masks in Stories has become available, some brands have not missed this moment and are successfully developing in this direction, creating masks with a reference to the brand.

2) Tape

The content of the tape is also undergoing changes.

Video content has become more prevalent over photo content, however, many do not place subtitles, and quite a lot of the audience is flipping through the tape without sound, and therefore your content will pass by such a user.

I note that in addition to the subtitles, the picture must catch the eye from the first second, select you, and attract attention, otherwise you will merge with the general flow of the tape.

The video holds the attention of users longer and therefore prevails over static content, but nevertheless the photo will not go anywhere, as the process of creating video is quite laborious and not everyone will take it.

Vertical video

At the same time, it’s not necessary to say that previously unloved vertical videos on Instagram, they are now starting to “drag the blanket” to their side. Fewer people are flipping through the tape, and more and more people are watching Storie and broadcast.

Visual component

I note that if the eyes were often closed on the visual, now the visual component of the tape is one of the essential elements.

Users spoiled by attractive content, close the page without a good visual, without reaching its content.

In this regard, beauty salons create separate stands with lighting technicians for filming, restaurant designers are puzzled with insta esthetics, as this will affect the users’ desire when making decisions – to create content.

Overall, the coverage of stories has increased slightly, and the coverage of tape has fallen. Although against the background of a general trend towards a permanent reduction in instagram coverage, this is probably not the case.

3) Lives

Lives are the strongest engine of both bloggers and commercial stores, built on the basis of a personal brand.

Until now, most users try to avoid esters (no skills, constraints, etc.). But those who start using the ethers. Definitely bring themselves to a new level.

Against this background, AR filters are becoming a trend.

Instagram is seriously thinking about the development of augmented and virtual reality, while all of you have already seen the masks in Stories. This trend is only at the “germ” stage, and in 2019, I think, we will see new solutions and high-tech work of AR technologies.


Automated software 

The tightening of the fight against any automated software on Instagram will continue. This will include programs for mass trading, posting, statistics, etc.

At the moment, buy instagram followers most often suffer, the rest of the functions are less affected by updates, but in the near future Instagram will try to close them. For get more information about real Instagram followers click here to buy.

Advertise with bloggers 

The cost of advertising from bloggers is becoming more expensive, along with the overall increase in subscriber price and coverage. At the same time, the effectiveness of advertising has strongly shifted to the side of Stories and is tightly held there. I think in the near future nothing will change, but will only increase, therefore Stories become more beneficial for use in terms of return on investment in the advertising budget.

In my opinion, in 2019 more active advertising will be added to live broadcasts, where it will be natively integrated. At the same time, you have the opportunity to capture this trend, since almost no one uses it, although the advertising tests of our agency indicate high efficiency of this type of integration.

The trend in favor of microinfluents (bloggers up to 10k subscribers) has been noticeable for a long time, and I had a detailed article on this topic. But nothing has changed since then, except for the fact that microinflueners began to realize their value more and began to bend prices on advertising placements. Mass sowing with micro influeners is still more efficient than mono-procurement.

Targeted Advertising 

The constant increase in coverage rates, and I’m not even talking about the introduction of a 20% VAT from January for advertisers from Russia. The number of people who want to show their ads is increasing, while the number of active users is not growing much. At this moment, the struggle for advertising space and the rise in prices for impressions in targeted advertising begins.

At the same time, it is more difficult to break through advertising blindness, and targetgologists have to look for tricks to capture attention. It is important to note that we are no longer talking about head-on sales. Today, you need to grab contacts / user data at any cost, and then start up the sales funnel / sales tunnel, warming up, warming up and selling at the human2human level. It is cheaper to optimize the sales department and learn how to handle traffic, rather than trying to get hot requests from traffic, losing a huge amount of money.


Today, all Instagram is littered with contests, and their effectiveness certainly falls.

In these conditions, you need to come up with new creative approaches that will distinguish you from everyone else.

The introduction of gamification to the mechanics of the competition increases its effectiveness. On the channel I did a post about which gamification can be implemented.

Competitive collaborations with 1-2 similar or related bloggers / accounts can work well to exchange audiences between them.

Try to make unique prizes that cannot be bought / won anywhere else. Remember that the prize often determines the participants of the competition, because it is a cut-off for them.

For example, in a competition where a professional curling will be played out, which you also need to learn to use, make-up artists / stylists, etc. will take part, and if this is your target audience, then the prize is correct. At the same time, if the task is to attract ordinary people, it is necessary to select a prize that will be of interest to most users.

Natural content 

I think that soon the usual natural content will become the focus of attention, since clickbate is so annoying to everyone that clickbate headlines start to scare users, the content of posts is already guessed in advance.


In conclusion, I will say that there is a general trend towards complete monetization of Instagram, which will probably lead to the appearance of advertising in Direct and IGTV.

From the point of view of expanding the setting of targeting, there are interesting updates, from the point of view of users, the network is overloaded with advertising, which can play a “bad trick” for Instagram itself.

In any case, Instagram trends are already marked, and to the question: How to move to Instagram in 2019? You should already know the answer.