How to Creatively Mould Clay into Different Eye-Catching Shapes


The most common material used for making three-dimensional models is mud. Mud is easily available, and it has been often observed that little ones have a very good time playing with mud. But the same mud can be used for making dolls and other models. Depending upon the artistic bent of a person’s mind the clay can be given any shape and can also be coloured accordingly. Ahuge range of thingslike bowls, glasses, and plates can be made of clay. Mothers are also acquainted with the non-toxic properties of clay and hence can allow their kids to enjoy the process of clay modelling freely. Mothers working with clay for creating some unique craft items are a good pastime which will also be suitable for the kids.

Creatively Mould Clay

Jewellery items made from clay

The clay when it is baked becomes extremely tough and water resistant. This helps in making pieces of jewellery out of clay which can be used as fashionable pieces. On the other hand, remould-able clay is also easily available which can be reshaped into a specific jewellery design as one sees fit. The colour scheme of craft clay is totally eye-catching, and each, and every individual is bound to find the best possible coloured clay. These clay pieces can be designed and then easily baked for making the designed pieces hold its form. The pieces can then be assembled into making bracelets, necklaces, key chains etc. Clay jewellery is not harmful and won’t create scratches, unlike metallic or glass jewellery. Hence it is easy to make and safe to use.

The different kinds of products which can be modelled out of clay

If a papercraft is to be prepared then obviously paper is the main elements needed for making the craft, but it is a clay model which is to be made then the primary product needed is suitable kind of modelling clay. Hence when one is trying to make a craft with clay, then the first thing that is important is to look for is suitable clay in the craft stores. There is a wide assortment of clay which can be used for making designed objects. Some known forms of craft clay include the following:

  • Clay with a liquid base: The liquid texture of craft clay is extremely suitable for making detailing work. The liquid base is provided ina container that has a tipped opening. The liquid can be dropped, or a design can be etched with the help of the liquid clay on top of a surface. This surface can vary depending upon the type of item which the person wants to make. If jewellery detailing is to be done, then the clay jewellery will be the main surface, and if it is to be used for adding details to a created model, then that will become the primary surface. Nevertheless, liquid clay is very useful as a minute, and intricate patterns can be made with its aid.
  • Clay with metallic shades: This form of clay is highly suitable for making jewellery because this metallic finish and comesin golden or silver shades. Pearl white clay is also present which will help in highlighting the design of a metallic clay model or jewellery. The colour of the metallic clay can be chosen, and a specific shade can be bought, and on the other hand, a combination of metallic coloured clay can also be bought so that it can be used for a variety of purposes.
  • Monochromic clay with a liquid base: The basic black and white clay is also available in a liquid form. This clay is non-metallic and won’t have any glitter and is fitting for making jewellery items that don’t require metallic finishes. It can also be used as a base for making the design and then further detailing can also be done with metal clay which will make the designed object extremely captivating.

Peripherals needed for making clay jewellery and other models

In order to make clay jewellery or model it is obvious that clay of specific colour and base is important but simply having the clay is not enough because suitable moulding tools also have to be purchased for giving it the requisite shape. A toolkit for moulding clay having fine detailing and sharp tools are available which can be purchased along with the clay for making designs. Apart from tools for moulding cookie cutters of different shapes are also required for creating bigger shapes with the clay.

Hence, it can be said that the different forms of clay present for craft purposes are easily available in craft stores. With the aid of purchased and suitable craft creating tools, one can make amazing clayproducts at home without any hassles which will be unique and can also be personalised.