How Lucrative is Applying for a Car Loan Through Blue Sky Auto Finance?

Buying a car is easy, especially when you have a good credit score or are willing to make the entire payment at once or shortly though a couple of installments. Possessing a great credit score opens up a plethora of financing possibilities through decreased interest rate but damaged or zero credit score proportionately increases the hassles and may even kill the possibility of availing finance. But Blue Sky Auto Finance, a California-based financing company for damaged or bad credit score holders claims to turn around the circumstances. How accurate are the claims and what’s their process, find out.


What does Blue Sky Auto Finance do?

Offering finance for those looking to seek car financing but have a negative or damaged credit score, Blue Sky follows an integrated platform for bringing dealerships, finance lenders and customers together.

Terming its service unique, Blue Sky claims to be an expert in assisting applicants who intend to buy a vehicle but can’t manage the money due to bad credit score. It actually provides application approval to applicants who can then go to dealerships and seek out the vehicle of their own choice. It works with lenders to make direct car financing available and also functions together with an auto dealer network that specifically offer poor credit car loans.

Now, the ISP as claimed by this business is that usually getting a car finance loan is quite a hassling activity, especially when the applicant doesn’t have the perfect score but it claims to make the whole affair easy through its integrated network of lenders and dealers.

Process for applying to Blue Sky


Fill out the online application form

The Official website of the business offers a specific page for Apply Online which requires these details:

Buyer, residence and Employment details

Name, Home and Email address, Social Security number, DOB, House payment, Residence type, complete home address, Employment type, existing position held by the applicant, Gross Monthly income, etc.
Other details given in form require information on bankruptcy status; self-credit score rating, Loan/vehicle information such as desired loan amount and term, etc.

The form is then examined by the Blue Sky team and the response usually takes less than an hour or so if the credit score is not too bad. However, if the credit history has suffered record blows then it may take longer but the response is always made available on applications through Email and other contact options. The available loan terms are then sent to the applicant for reviewing and if the applicant agrees with the terms, then they can easily get their choice of car financed (vehicle as listed with the application form).

These direct lending partners of Blue Sky provide finance up to $30,000 before the applicant visits the dealership regardless of the credit status. So, the remaining job is to visit the dealership, finalize the vehicle and its price and not bother about the loan terms since they are already mentioned in the approved loan that the lender has provided.

Does Blue Sky charge for these applications?

Blue Sky is a platform, not a mediator or middleman and hence, doesn’t charge for the applications that applicants fill out online.


The process is fairly easy, convenient and doesn’t consume time at all and there is a better chance of getting approval with Blue Sky then at the dealership. Besides, the lack of a healthy credit score is often cashed in on by the dealers during the time of purchase and loan financing but Blue sky eliminates the need for finance from the dealership and instead gives applicant the luxury of seeking it beforehand and examining the terms as per their own interest.

So, the service is free of cost, available throughout USA with a finance range up to $30,000(+). The business is crystal clear about its terms and fairly transparent regarding the process and based on that along with inspected positive customer reception, the service is pretty good and recommendation worthy.