How Is CBD Oil Changing The Landscape Of Medicine The Way We Knew It?


Cannabidiol or CBD has become the topic of discussion everywhere. From the influential government offices to the popular blogs, everyone is discussing the possible effects and side effects of this natural molecule. It comes from the cannabis plant that has become popular due to its hallucinogenic effects on the human mind, but interestingly enough, CBD has none of the psychoactivity. You may have already come across it in the online market going by the name of hemp oil. Multiple celebrities swear by its curative powers.

How Is CBD Oil Changing The Landscape Of Medicine The Way We Knew It

It helps with quitting smoking

Currently, many studies show the effectiveness of CBD oil in quitting smoking. People who have been struggling to give up smoking cigarettes for years can now do so without the crankiness or exhaustion that nicotine withdrawal usually brings along. The studies used CBD oil in inhalers. The researchers gave the group of 24 smokers either inhaler with cannabidiol or a placebo. Results showed that the ones who were using the inhaler every time they had the urge to smoke had cut down their cigarette consumption by 40% within a week. The ones that had the placebo did not see any change in their smoking habits.

It’s great for the skin

Several studies show that the anti-inflammatory property of the active ingredient has wrinkle repair and anti-aging properties. In its purest form, CBD oil is a rich source of fatty acids. It hydrates the skin, even soothes irritation from old scars and burns. People with a chronic problem of acne and ingrowths have reported improvement of their conditions upon the regular use of CBD oil mixed with their lotions and serums. Balms and salves containing CBD can soothe eczema and psoriasis. It is a natural emollient that does not block the pores and exacerbates the acne problems while locking the moisture in.

It treats epileptic seizure

CBD is effective for seizure disorders. Several studies show that it can reduce the frequency of severe childhood seizures. Clinical trials on a CBD derivative have shown that children with seizures due to rare forms of epilepsy can experience long periods of remission from the seizures. The first FDA-approved, CBD-derived drug for Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome and Dravet Syndrome, Epidiolex, is currently available in the market as prescription medication.

It helps with cancer treatments

The research in the field of cancer using CBD has been groundbreaking. It has antiemetic effects and anti-inflammatory effects. Therefore, many people have reported using CBD oil immediately after their chemo. Instances show that it reduces nausea, reduces the loss of appetite, the pain and inflammation. It helps with the body’s compliance with the treatment. However, there has been no research that states or suggests the replacement of the conventional therapies with any form of cannabidiol.

It helps fight anxiety, stress disorders, and depression

Apart from speaking to people with complex disorders and diseases, CBD oil also reaches out to the others. People suffer from stress-related disorders, anxiety, and depression silently. Firstly, the medications for treating these problems have tremendous side-effects. Secondly, the people are unsure how much the medicines will help them. CBD-oil takes away the uncertainty and the fear of contraindications.