How Governments Scapegoat Minorities 5 Examples from History


How Governments Scapegoat Minorities 5 Examples from History

Why is the harmless an easy target for aggressive policies?

The term scapegoat has been used in quite a lot of official segments over the past few years. This is a way of people to accuse people who are not really at fault, but rather harmless and have a history with their counterparts.

The government scapegoat is not right in an ideal scenario; this is an idea that had originated in the past. However, the later descriptions and implementations of that very idea seem to have saddened many groups of individuals, which has led to several misconceptions and politically ruptured scenarios.

Where did it all start?

The basic idea of government scapegoat, which has taken over the world of politics and has seemingly angered people from all over the world, has a historical origin. First introduced in the Book of Leviticus, a scapegoat is a concept of putting all the sins of the people of Israel upon the head of a goat. As a result, the goat is sacrificed, and the crimes are undone. The whole ritual revolves around the idea of blaming a harmless being for deeds it had never done.

However, it is needless to say that the goat is innocent and has no relevance in this ritual. However, after hundreds of years, the idea of the scapegoat has now become a free game of tricks by which empowered people to look down upon the people of different credentials and blame them without reasoning.

How bad is the concept of scapegoating?

In today’s progressive world, nasty tricks that come under the action of government scapegoat propaganda are very concerning and highly unethical. However, there are many instances in the past as well, and maybe that is why this concept is yet such a prevailing one.

1. Human sacrifices in the past.

The most ancient form of scapegoating that has been discovered was as early as in the Bronze Age. Certain groups of people were sacrificed for strange reasons, such as water scarcity, a devastating flood, or even a bad agricultural year. It was believed that their Gods were angry upon them, and that is why they were to suffer such a painful phase. As a result, it was decided that sacrificing individuals from a particular class of people would help them please their Gods, and they would be offered peace and harmony.

2. Rising against the Jews.

We all know how terrible Hitler was as a person, the killing and torturing of Jews in Nazi Germany, could notably be argued as one of the worst cases of government scapegoat. Without any apparent cause or viable information, all the people of this particular section of the society were tortured terribly to death.

3. The tricks of Stalin.

After the death of Lenin, Joseph Stalin took charge of the Soviet Union’s resources and announced himself as the ruler. However, Leon Trotsky, who had always been the next supposed leader of their union and probably knew all the dirty work executed by Stalin himself. As a result, Leon Trotsky was captured and blamed for all the losses and causalities that the Soviet Union had to suffer. The government scapegoat rituals never cease to exist.

4. Today’s version of scapegoating.

In today’s world, however, there are many advancements, which has led to quite a lot of evidence as well. However, even in such turn of events, government scapegoat agendas never cease to exist. The president of United States America, in a lot of segments, has made it clear that the immigrants in their country impose a lot of risks and dangers in security. Nonetheless, it is very well known that the facts mentioned in his books are everything but the truth. The idea of scapegoating innocent and defenseless people in politics is a widespread step, and it is tough to stop.

5. Scapegoating in terms of racial difference.

The scope of government scapegoat propaganda is not only limited to a single class of people. However, empowered individuals worldwide find one way or another to blame the minority class in their region and put unfair accusations over their race. Such a case has recently happened in Myanmar, where the military attacked the Muslim minorities, and as a result, over 70000 Muslims fled to other countries.

Why is the practice of scapegoating so alarming?

The main problem that relies on the concept of scapegoating is not about a single leader’s opinion about the minority class. The problem starts when other civilians start agreeing to such statements and support their government. This leaves the minorities with no further options other than being boycotted, leaving the country or the worst, being tortured.