How Can You Use The Dark Web Safely?


The internet we see and access today forms only a small part of the complete online web. In fact, our regular browsers only allow us to access about 4% of the total World Wide Web as the rest 96% is unindexed and inaccessible. This larger inaccessible part of the web is known as the Deep web and sites which are hosted on the deep web are known as onion sites. And some sites which deal in buying and selling are known as marketplaces, Dream Market is one of the most popular darknet markets. If you go deeper and deeper inside the web, you can get access to another dark part of the net named as the dark web, which is the home to some of the world’s hidden criminal activities. Today, we will guide you through all about Dark web and how to use the dark web safely.

Dark Web Safely

What happens on the Dark Web?

As mentioned above, Dark web is the house to most criminal activities across the world. You can find a number of illegal content on the dark and it is absolutely necessary to stay clear of them as you won’t want to find yourself embroiled in such activities.

Weapon trading

One of the biggest trades that happen on the dark web includes weapon trading between criminals only. You can easily buy criminal weapons such as Machine Guns, A-47 and revolvers online. Additionally, people on the dark web can also forge out a fake weapon license for you as well.

Hidden Government Secrets

Deep web and dark web also has people from inside the Government agencies leaking confidential data and secrets about the working of the Government and its officials. Sometimes it is useful to expose the wrongdoings of the people in power.

Credit Cards

Remember everyone warning about entering your Credit Card details online? When stolen, you can easily find a number of credit card details on the dark web.

Child Pornography

Child Pornography is banned by a number of governments but it is easily available on the dark web. Thousands of children are tortured and are forced to be the part of porn.

Hitman and Killers

There are a ton of murderers, paid assassins and killers on the dark web. They take up advance and a photo of the person to be killed and they do the work without getting to know you.


Dark web provides a great way to find hackers with different skill sets. These hackers are so knowledgeable that they can hack into any website you want.

Match Fixing

The Dark web provides people with a way to contact with sportspersons and help in fixing full matches for some money. All you need to do is pay the intermediators and the match will be fixed.


One of the most popular drug store accessible on the Dark web is the Silk Road 3.0. You can buy all sorts of drugs and weed from here and the packaging is so discreet that no one will get to know.

How can you use the Dark Web safely?

While accessing the Dark web you need to be as careful as possible. You need to stay safe from spying people and clear of spammers. The following tips can help you with how to use the dark web.

Always Use the Tor Browser

Tor browser provides the safest way to access the dark web. The browser is specifically designed to hide your online data and preventing your personal information to leak on the internet. The pre-configured settings on the Tor Browser ensure that you are always anonymous on the internet. Additionally, you can ensure that JavaScripts are turn off as they allow websites to run background programs on your device.

Always make use of VPN

In addition to the Tor browser, you can also make use of the VPN to mask your original IP Address. VPN will provide you with a random IP Address from across the globe which helps to protect your real identity.

Never enter your Credit Card details anywhere on the Dark Web

One of the biggest No-no on the dark web is using your Credit Card for making payments. It is advisable to not buy anything on the dark web because of the fear of leak of your credit card details. However, if it is completely necessary for you to complete the purchase, ensure that the website uses secure payment mechanisms.

Put Black Tape on your Webcam

While people cannot access your geographical location, they can still record you through your webcam and microphone. Therefore, it is advisable that you turn off your microphone while accessing the dark web and also cover your webcam with a black tape or something to ensure that you are not recorded without your consent.

The Final Words

Accessing the dark web is not illegal but taking part in criminal activities on the dark web is. Try to avoid accessing fishy websites and exercise caution whenever accessing the dark web. Follow the steps mentioned above on how to use the dark web and you will be safe.