In-House Or Outsourcing: What Is The Best Solution For SEO


Investing in SEO is essential for the success of any web-based business, but the question is should you hire some permanent employees for SEO or should you outsource the work to an SEO company? This is the biggest dilemma that business owners face today because both in-house team and outsourcing have their own advantages. If you are also not being able to take a decision, then read on.

In-House Or Outsourcing: What Is The Best Solution For SEO

An In-House SEO Team

There are 3 advantages of building an in-house SEO team- cost, control, and collaboration.

Cost is probably the biggest factor for building an in-house team. When you have just started the business, it is not possible for you to spend thousands of dollars for search engine optimization. You can’t afford the gold or platinum plans offered by the SEO agencies. On the other hand, if you hire a junior SEO professional, then his salary will be pretty affordable and he will agree to work because your company will let him earn some real-life experience in the SEO field.

There is no doubt that you have a much better control over an in-house SEO team than an overseas SEO agency. Each member of your team knows that they are accountable for their work and thus, they will give their 100% to make your SEO campaign successful.

SEO is not just about finding the keywords and writing the Meta descriptions. An SEO manager needs to work with content writers and web developers to complete the on-page and off-page optimization process. Priorities can change very fast in an SEO campaign based on the performance and Google’s algorithm updates. The in-house SEO team manager generally has a better relation with the content writers and web developers in your company. He can request for the necessary changes in the web design and content immediately, and thanks to the regular collaboration, the web designers and content writers will take care of the issues without a question.

A Dedicated SEO Company

There are 3 benefits of hiring an SEO agency to take care of your website’s optimization responsibilities- focus, expertise, and experience.

The focus of a dedicated SEO agency is incomparable. For instance, the Christmas season is approaching and your entire office will go on leave for a long time. But the overseas SEO agency will keep working irrespective of the season or the holiday. Also, whatever time you may have agreed upon in the contract, during that time, their complete focus will be on optimizing your website, not any internal work of their company.

When you hire an SEO company to learn more, you can be sure that only experts in the SEO field are taking care of the optimizations tasks, not some random guy who is starting his career. In fact, that is why SEO companies charge a lot of money for every project because they have to pay a hefty salary to their veteran employees. There is a chain of command in an SEO agency. While the seniors dictate the website optimization strategies and take care of their implementation, the juniors prepare reports and handle client communication.

It is obvious that SEO companies hire experienced people, but more importantly, these guys take care of multiple projects every month. So, they know why the optimization strategy of an e-commerce website and hotel website needs to be different. The experience they gain by handling multiple projects makes them calm and composed. Even if Google makes a sudden change to the algorithms and ranking factors, they will not panic.

Conclusion: Best of Both Worlds

If you can afford, then it is wise to have a few SEO experts in-house and also hire a famous SEO company. The in-house team will take care of the on-page optimization, while the offshore team will take care of digital marketing, off-page SEO, SMO, PPC and other important things to ensure that your website ranks high on SERP.