Health Risks of Exercise for Obese People


Obesity could pose serious health hazards including heart attack, joint pains, early morbidity, and even stroke. While exercise has been so far regarded as the key to losing weight effectively, exercise could pose a few health risks in case of the really obese people. This, however, in no way imply that you must stop exercising if you are overweight. Remaining obese would definitely outweigh the health risks of exercise. It is best to seek your doctor’s advice before initiating any new fitness program for ensuring that you are fit enough to carry on with the workouts. You must consider taking the first few weeks slightly slowly and seek your doctor’s opinion relating to any specific precautions to be taken in your case.

Exercise for Obese People

Dehydration& Heat Exhaustion

As overweight people experience difficulty in regulating body temperature, they may be used to sweating much more as compared to those who are not overweight. They, therefore, seem to be far more susceptible to issues associated with dehydration while exercising vigorously particularly, during the summer days when hot weather conditions prevail. To prevent any kind of dehydration issues, you must religiously drink plenty of fluids and water before exercising, during, and even after doing the exercises.

You could be effectively preventing heat exhaustion by exercising indoors when the weather seems to be unbearably hot. You may wear light clothing while working out. You must consume plenty of water and other fluids even if you are not thirsty enough. You could consider browsing the Internet for steroids for sale 2018 for effective weight loss.

Cardiac Episodes

Cardiovascular exercise is known for boosting your heart rate, facilitating your heart muscle with adequate exercise that could be strengthening it over time. But in case, your heart rate races up too high, any kind of cardiovascular exercises could be provoking a heart attack or some other cardiac issues like arrhythmia and stroke. Anyone is susceptible to a cardiac issue while doing exercises, but the overweight people are certainly at increased risks. They tend to have poor circulation, higher blood pressure, and weaker hearts that could be increasing their potential risks of experiencing some sort of cardiac episodes.

Respiratory Issues

Exercise necessitates rapid breathing and those people who are not used to exercising could be ending up hyperventilating instead. Most cardiac issues, like poor circulation and blood pressure, could make breathing really more difficult. If you are experiencing difficulty in catching your breath, you need to slow down. Concentrate on taking slow but deep breaths. You should consider walking or standing while drinking some water and do not get tempted to sit down. If you sit down, your heart rate could be spiked temporarily making breathing even more difficult.


We have discussed some of the major risks associated with exercise for obese individuals. However, there could be other issues like joint injuries due to additional stress on your joints. Some exercises like running could prove to be very stressful to your joints if you are overweight and in extreme situations, excessive pressure on your joints could cause bones to break or muscle sprains and strains.