Happy Friendship Day Images Wallpapers and Greetings

An image it is said is worth a thousand words. Apart from being a visual delight it speaks volumes about its illustrations. Every image has a story to tell or a feeling to express. Images since long have been used to convey messages. In this day and age of the internet, the use of images has taken a new turn. It is not just a captured moment. It has now become a very important medium of communication. They are the new digital age greeting cards. They are used as social media updates, slide shows, digital frames, forwards and e-cards. There are images to celebrate every occasion.happy-friendship-day-wallpapers-greetings-images

The maximum numbers of images used these days are for friends’ day greetings. What started as a selling gimmick by a greetings card company has now become an internationally accepted event. Friends’ day is not just about exchanging cards anymore. There is a whole new dimension to expressing your feelings to your friends. What better way than using images to do so? The new age smart phones have made clicking and uploading images a piece of cake. Thanks to the new messaging apps, sending and forwarding images have become very convenient. If you are running short of ideas to create your own image messages, there are a variety of images available online. These images come in various themes and are customized for different occasions. Come, friends’ day, the internet get flooded with colourful friendship day hd images and illustrations. Let’s take a look at the different types of happy friendship day images.


Personally Clicked Happy Friendship Day Images

There are so many types of image greetings these days. There are special aps on phones these days that enable you to edit and customize a image. You could just upload a image as it as or add funny effects. At present, it’s easy to recover old images and make them new. Add a meaningful message or insert a humorous emoticon. You could simply enhance images by using special effects. So, forwarding or uploading images having a special significance or that have captured a special moment have become an ideal way of expressing feelings.






Happy Friendship Day Symbolic Illustrations

Images have a symbolic meaning are another popular way of sending out greetings. Especially when it comes to friends’ day celebrations, there are a variety of symbolic images. From playful small children to cuddly little puppies to soft toys, flower bouquets to expressive imprints, you name it, they have it.






Happy Friendship Day Animated Images

Animated images of cartoon characters known for their companionship are quite popular. They are something that both children and adults can associate with. These often come with the famous dialogues of these characters imprinted on them. Calvin and Hobbes, Winnie the Pooh and the Piglet are some of the popular cartoon characters. These images can be naughty, funny or meaningful as well.





Happy Friendship Day Greeting Cards

These images are the digital versions of the good old greeting cards. They come with prints that you would generally find in an old school greeting card. They also come in 3D effects or may have some animation. The most common image is that of a flowing waterfall or fish swimming in an aquarium. Nowadays, moving images called gifs are also popular. These are images that can be both static and animated.





Happy Friendship Day Images with Quotations

Depending upon the occasion, there are meaningful images with suitable quotations available. These images often have a print and a quotation that are based on a theme. These are colorful and vibrant and make for a beautiful friends’ day greeting. These quotations can be by a famous personality or inspired by a movie or a book.




Hope the above Happy Friendship Day images wallpapers and greetings help you in updating your Facebook status, and wish your beloved friends a Happy Friendship Day on this eve.