Guide To Different Types Of Website Hosting And Suitability Of Hosting Services


Managing a website is the most difficult thing for the business owners these days due to many reasons. Right from security to the loading time for the site, different aspects are required to be checked or monitored properly. To manage a site, it is essential to update certain server software so that web performance can stay seamless. Now, managing all these things will get easier when you choose to go for the right website hosting service. Good web hosting package will make your website management task easier. It will give you more power to make the site seamless in terms of performance.

Guide To Different Types Of Website Hosting And Suitability Of Hosting Services

A business website should be perfectly designed and hosted on the secured server. Data safety is the primary condition of website hosting, and there should not be any compromise at all in this regard. Apart from data safety, many other things are required to be judged and resolved if there are issues regarding those things. For example, certain web pages may take time to load, as they contain graphic images. The loading time could be slow due to poor internet connection or poor server performance. If server performance is poor, the website starts losing the revenue.

In order to make a website perfectly designed to fetch seamless revenue, choosing the right hosting service is imperative. Now, to choose the right hosting service, you need to understand the types of hosting services that are available for you. So, here is a guide to different hosting services in the following section of this article.

Different Kinds of Hosting Services

Hosting services can be divided into various categories. In simple terms, buyers or service seekers find two types of hosting services. These are services discussed below:

  • Free hosting: The first type of hosting service is free hosting. You can easily get free website hosting service by search into the Google. However, free hosting services are risks in terms of your data security. Moreover, such service is not meant for the professionals. It suits individuals and bloggers at the initial stages.
  • Paid Hosting: The second type is known as a paid hosting service, and it is quite a popular option for everyone. Now, different services offer premium hosting service. Thus, pricing or hosting packages could vary from one service to another.

Apart from this simplified classification, website hosting services can be divided into different categories as per the functional aspects. In the following section, different kinds of website hosting servers have been discussed.

Shared Website Hosting

The commonest type of website hosting is shared hosting. In the case of shared hosting, you need to focus on choosing the right hosting package. The service providers have offered different packages. Different packages come with different features. Mainly, you need to check two important things with shared hosting packages. The first thing is that the number of websites that you can host. The second thing is the space that you get. Make sure that space is adequate. If you want the hosting service at a cheap rate, you may need to compromise with the number of domain hosting. Generally, service providers allow 1-3 domains to be hosted with shared hosting server.

Now, it has to be reminded that shared hosting service is effective for the small-scale businesses only. It has certain limitations. These limitations have been listed in the following section of this article.

  • The first limitation is its space related problems. In the case of shared hosting, one hosting server has been shared by many users. Thus, you would get limited space for your use. There could be an option for scalability, but that option too will be limited.
  • Shared hosting server is generally slow, as the hosting server is shared between many users. Even if the service provider promises to deliver 99.99% uptime speed and unlimited bandwidth, shared hosting service is quite slow in performance.
  • Shared hosting server is not entirely secured. Your data is always vulnerable to theft or damages due to malicious programs.
  • With shared hosting, customization of the server is a problem. You cannot customize things, as per your need as others have been using the service.

So, small business owners or startup businesses mainly opt for shared hosting initially. When a business grows, they move to dedicated hosting for more security and convenience.

Dedicated Website Hosting

The commonest and highly popular type of website hosting is dedicated hosting. For the best digital marketing campaigns, choosing a perfect dedicated hosting service is essential. You may choose a dedicated hosting service due to many reasons. In the following, these reasons are listed. Basically, these reasons can also be interpreted as benefits of the dedicated hosting service.

  • Dedicated website hosting is scalable. When your organization grows, the size of digital data also grows. To accommodate your digital data, you need enhanced space with the website hosting.
  • Dedicated hosting server is safe. It gives protection to your hosted data, and it is not easy to hack data from such dedicated servers.
  • A dedicated server is fast in performance. Loading time o your website will be minimal and thus viewing contents on the website will be a satisfying experience.

Virtual Private Network Server Hosting

VPS hosting is also quite popular these days, and it is considered more secure than dedicated server hosting. Dedicated hosting is not fully protected from hacking or phishing. But, it is quite an impossible thing, when it comes to dealing with VPS hosting. It hides your IP when you access the internet and thus, your website data will not be easy to be traced.

Resellers Hosting

Reseller hosting is grossly a type of dedicated hosting. However, the owner of such a hosting server can resell the hosting space to others. Such hosting comes as a business option for many small-scale businesses. They find it a way to earn some more revenues to make the business to grow. Overall, reseller hosting comes with all the features of dedicated hosting. It is secured and robust. Now, based on the information, you have to select the type of website hosting that you need. You need to choose a type of hosting that suits your business the most.

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