Gifts Your BFF Will Love


Your best friend means everything to you. Your best friend is your chosen family, so when it comes to commemorating a special occasion—like a birthday or your BFF-iversary—you’ve got to find just the right gift to show how much you care. Although a true best friend will love anything you get them, because it came from you, obviously, you still want to impress them and show them that you care. Here are a few out-of-the box gift ideas your best friend will absolutely love!

“Where you lead, I will follow.”

No one leaves home without their cellphone anymore. Cellphones provide security, convenience, and—let’s be frank—hours of entertainment. What if there was a gift you could give your BFF that would allow him or her to take a little part of your friendship wherever they go? Check out to find the best, most unique natural wood phone cases on the market.

Limited 77’s phone cases are made from real and natural materials that provide extra protection for your best friend’s phone. They’re made in the USA and are one of a kind, just like your friendship. They fit on iPhones, the Samsung Galaxy, and the Google Pixel. From compasses to cats and astronauts to eagles, you’re sure to find a case that reminds you of your friend’s hobbies or interests.

Capture every moment.

Whether you’re very old friends with a million pictures together or new best friends living in the age of social media, you probably have a lot of pictures featuring your dynamic duo. Those pictures can take up space on your phone quickly, so your friend needs a place to put them all. To keep all of those photos and videos in one place, buy your friend an ibi. It’s a photo and video cloud service without the monthly subscription fees.

All they have to do is plug ibi in, download the app, and the rest is just an easy set up of linking social media platforms and devices, so that their media is automatically saved. From there, your friend can choose his or her “inner circle,” so they can easily and privately share photos and videos. Check out any review of ibi to get an idea of how much customers love this product. Even if your friendship is long distance, the two of you can feel like you never miss a beat.

You’re only a touch away.

The bond you’ve made with your best friend is unbreakable, which is why you need matching Bond Touch bracelets. You’ll always only be a touch away when you’re wearing your band. The bracelets come in pairs and will react to your best friend’s touch by vibrating even if they’re all the way across the world. They’re waterproof with a long-lasting, rechargeable battery, and come in customizable colors. If you miss a touch while it’s charging, the app on your phone will notify you, so you can respond. No matter where you live or where you are in life, you can always keep each other close.

Handmade comes from the heart.

Nothing shows friendship and dedication like something handmade. You don’t have to be the world’s best crafter to find a craft form you can handle. Macramé has made a big comeback lately, and it’s not hard to learn how to create your own design. You can also buy your friend a cute little plant and then make a plant hanger with a series of knots. Find a tutorial online to walk you through the whole process. Even if your art project doesn’t come out perfectly, the two of you will have a great story to tell for years to come.