Get to Know about The Various Types of Mattresses Before Settling for One!


Today mattresses have evolved a long way from the traditional spring mattresses that used to be popular earlier on. People now understand that a good bed can significantly improve one’s sleeping experience and overall health, and as a result, different types of mattresses are designed to suit everybody’s requirements and provide them the utmost comfort. If you are planning to buy a new mattress, then you should be aware of the options which you have, and in this article, you will learn about some of the various mattress types which are available in the market.

Get to Know about The Various Types of Mattresses Before Settling for One


Airbeds have become quite popular these days. They are a fantastic choice to be used in guest rooms or for any bed which you would not require more than just a few times every year. Airbeds are not like the old air mattresses which you had to blow up. Some of these airbeds are of regular heights and can look like standard beds. They are easy to inflate quickly. People do not like to make airbeds their permanent sleeping beds so you should use these only on seldom occasions.

Foam mattresses

Foam mattresses are made from a type of dense foam material. These mattresses mold easily according to one’s body shape. However, these beds do not adequately transfer motion. Thus a person can do a rollover without the other person feeling it. These mattresses are perfect for people with allergies as they do not have dust mites and other forms of allergens.


Earlier waterbeds meant just large vinyl balloons with water in them. However, they are the thing of the past. Today waterbeds are just like regular beds, but they require some a bit of proper framing. Waterbeds have a system of chambers and baffles inside them which help in reducing the transfer of motions. Waterbeds are also suitable for people who have allergies and easily adjustable.

Latex mattress

As the name suggests, these mattresses are made from latex. These beds are best for people who have ailments, they are firm and offer a lot of support to the spine. The transfer of motion in these mattresses is even, meaning people can feel each other moving to some degree. The rubbery material helps give you an excellent sleeping experience.

Innerspring mattress

These are traditional mattresses with springs inside of them to keep up the firmness and a hard feel. These beds are hover prone to dust mites and allergens and might not be suitable if you have allergies.

You can also look for getting the best top latex mattresses as they are quite beneficial to your health.


Mattresses are essential for a good sleeping experience. There are a variety of beds available in the market today, each differing the materials they are being made from. You can consider buying a mattress which suits your needs and your budget. Hopefully, this article would have helped you in understanding the various mattress types available to you.