Five Ways To Add Seo Principles To Your Amazon Listing For Better Sales


There are several companies which use their websites as the primary point of sale, but Amazon offers a great way to sell directly to customers without having to maintain a detailed website (although that sure helps!). Most marketers think that search engine optimization (SEO) is required only for sites. If you are a seller on Amazon, you would know that customers usually search for a product not by any specific brand name but a bunch of keywords in their search string. So SEO is essential for Amazon sellers as well, to ensure that their product or brand pops right up at the top when a potential buyer logs on to Amazon to search for something. And if a buyer doesn’t see your product at the top of the Amazon search page, there is very little likelihood of his choosing your product. Let us look at a few ways in which SEO principles can be applied to your Amazon listing as well.

Five Ways To Add Seo Principles To Your Amazon Listing For Better Sales

Correct Keywords 

Let’s say you manufacture gluten-free cereal and sell on Amazon. If you add the word cereal in your description, you would be competing with hundreds of other big and small cereal brands. But as soon as you add ‘gluten-free’ to your product description, you are much more likely to catch the eye of someone who is searching for ‘gluten-free cereal.’ As per our experts at Jungle Scout, the presence, or lack of it, of a single word can make a significant difference on rankings in an Amazon search.

People Read Headlines 

The title of your product description is the first thing that the Amazon algorithm will crawl across, and the title must be tactfully written. Based on Amazon’s earlier search results, product type, color, size, and packaging. If you are selling snow throwers branded as Slow Joe, a title like ‘Slow Joe’ would not be as compelling as ‘Slow Joe 125A Electric Snow Thrower Metal and Rubber, Red/Black/Blue, 86 lb., free shipping’.

Word Order 

Depending on which device the buyer is using, a certain number of characters from the title would show up. Since you are not sure which device is being used, you need to place the most important words at the beginning of the total, so nothing gets left out.

Use of Bullets 

If you have built a list of keywords which you want to keep in your Amazon listing, then some of them can be used in the title, while the rest can be used to describe product features and product benefits in greater detail using bullet points.

Sales Drive Ranks 

Success begets more success, and in the case of Amazon, SEO is improved by some units already sold. So as soon as you start selling, your ranking goes up, and you can hope to generate more inquiries and therefore more sales.

An Amazon listing requires thoughtfully crafted SEO, and the above five steps would go a long way in driving traffic to your product and ultimately result in sales.