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Being healthy and fit is the goal of many people across the world. You will find ‘losing weight and getting fit’ on most peoples New Year resolutions’ list but come year end most of these people find themselves writing the same goal for the coming new year again. We have all been there or know someone who is struggling with health and fitness issues, so in this article we have combined the top five health and fitness tips that are sure to help you on your journey to getting the body of your dreams!

  1. Keep the main thing the main thing

While weight loss is good in and off itself, what is more important is that your body is healthy. You can lose weight and take it to the extreme end becoming underweight so much that you actually become unhealthy which is almost as bad as being the opposite – obese. The goal is to find the middle ground – The place where your body looks good and has reached its ideal weight. There are several tools to help you know what your body’s ideal weight range is such as the body mass index [BMI] scale. This index takes into consideration your height and weight and tells you the ideal mass that is good for your height. 70kg for someone who is 1m 57cm may be considered obese but the same mass maybe ideal for a taller person say 1m 80cm.

  1. The Devil is in the details

Read all the labels carefully. Sometimes people will argue that all they drink is flavoured water, they do not drink any sodas or alcohol or teas so how come they are still putting on weight despite their best efforts, isn’t water meant to be good for you? The long and short answer is yes, water is good for you, but not ALL water is good for you.

Flavoured water actually contains hidden sugars that can also lead to weight gain. Yes, water can do that – flavoured water. [13kcal for lemon lime flavoured water] If you can’t stand the taste of pure water try adding a slice of lemon to the water yourself.

It isn’t just flavoured water which has hidden calories. Make sure you read each and every label of the food you are eating. Know what you are eating because everything you put in your mouth has the potential to make you gain weight especially if it is refined and processed.

  1. 3. Keep a food diary/journal

Before starting your journey to becoming healthy it is important that you first assess the kind of food you eat on a day-to-day basis and become aware of your own triggers such as when do you eat food and why. You may be surprised to find out that you eat when you are feeling low or eat more than is required when sitting in front of the TV.

Keep a diary for a week before you start your journey and simply track what it is you are eating, the mood you are in and at what time you are eating it. After the week, go through your journal and check all these factors calculating the total number of calories you consumed each day. There are calorie food apps to help you determine the number of calories of different foods.

Keeping a food diary is important because you cannot fight an enemy you do not know. If you know that you eat when you are bored, happy, sad, stressed etc you will know to keep a healthy snack at hand for such moments. If you are now aware that you eat at odd hours of the day then you can set an alarm on your phone to remind you to eat small regular portions of food throughout the day.

  1. Get together with a friend or join an online team


There are times when you will not always be motivated to exercise. But if you have a support system in place, when that time comes when you need a little hand up or a little push they will be there to help out. Find a partner that you can exercise with. If you can afford it why not consider seeking the help of a personal trainer? If you don’t know anyone close at hand who could help out there are many online fitness forums and communities you can join for free where you will receive the support and help you need. Even if you have questions you will be surprised by all the help you will receive even in terms of recipes and food options.

1 Battlefield of the mind

Believe it or not but the battle is won or lost in your mind way before you even hit the treadmill and gym. Anyone can make the decision to lose weight. That is not the hardest part. The hardest part is making weight loss and healthy living a new habit, making it a lifestyle and this all starts in the mind.

You need to condition the mind first before you even begin your weight

loss journey because every second of every day you are going to have to fight your way to making better food choices and force yourself to exercise.

The first days of your weight loss journey will likely be fun as you are well on your way to losing weight, but as you step on the scale week after week and find that at times the scale hasn’t moved, it is not uncommon for some people to get discouraged and quit. But if you have conditioned your mind that you are not going to quite no matter what then you can push through these hurdles and set backs and keep going.

We hope these five tips will help you on your journey to losing weight and leading a healthier lifestyle.

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