Excellent Ways To Make Bodyweight Exercise More Challenging


For gym newbies, bodyweight exercises are workouts which involve using your bodyweight to counteract gravity. These exercises are equipment free and, according to fitness experts, they are an effective way to improve your speed, flexibility, strength, coordination, endurance, and balance.

Excellent Ways To Make Bodyweight Exercise More Challenging

Some major bodyweight exercises involve movements such as pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, squats, lunges, sprints and plank variations. According to recent research, bodyweight exercises have become more and more popular, since the majority of athletes use them as a warmup. Here are the pros of bodyweight workouts;


They areequipment-free exercises, and, therefore, can be done at any time and anywhere. Furthermore, being equipment free means that it is among the cheapest ways of exercising and staying fit without having to go to the gym.

Another significant advantage of bodyweight exercises is that they are suitable for everyone, meaning that they can be done by kids, men, women, and older people.

Bodyweight training helps you to stay fit by improving your strength, mobility, coordination, and flexibility.

Benefits Of Bodyweight Training

Improves Your Flexibility and Balance

Bodyweight exercises involve your core muscles, making them robust and more flexible. Moreover, it aligns your body muscles, and so improves your posture.

Boosts Your Blood Circulation

These exercises are a form of stretching which facilitates blood circulation throughout the body.

Burns Excess Calories

Vigorous bodyweight workouts increase your metabolism, which helps in burning excess calories and fat, helping you lose weight. To get the most out of your routine you can purchase steroids and other workout supplements from steroids-evolution.com.

Builds Your Body Strength and Power

Since it involves you working out against gravity, it strengthens your bones and muscles, thus improving your power.

Here are simple ways to make bodyweight exercises more challenging;

Combine Different Movement Patterns

Take an example of this, doing pushups can be hard, however, doing pushups with one leg in the air can be more robust. Combining different movements while doing your bodyweight exercises ensures that you work out more muscles, and the more you involve your joints and muscles, the harder the training becomes.

Make It Vigorous

This is done just by increasing the pace at which you are doing these exercises. In addition, you can also reduce the resting interval between the activities, hence making the session more of a high-intensity interval training session.

Increase the Numbers of Repetition or Sets

Like any other exercise, with time your body gets used to doing the same amount of sets or repetitions. Therefore, it is essential to frequently increase the number of repetitions in each workout to make the training more enjoyable and challenging. Moreover, it is an excellent way to avoid the exercise rut.

Slow Down

In the case of pushups, instead of quickly pushing up and down, you can gently push down then hold that position for at least 3 seconds before pushing up to the original position. By doing this, it pushes your muscles to the limit by increasing the time under tension.