Why Should Every Real Estate Agent And Realtor Consider Advance Commissions?


Real estate agents take delayed commissions and payments as part and parcel of their promotions. They know that the time between the sale and the commission clearance can be 30 days or more. This period is indeed the most trying time of anyone’s life. During this period, any advance on the commissions can be of great help for the professionals. This makes waiting for months irrelevant and a distant nightmare.

Commission advances for the real estate agents can bridge the gap between the increasing delay of the commissions and the pressing needs of business and family. There are hundreds of real estate agents out there, just like you, waiting to try out their first realtor commission express advance. Many are anxious because of the paperwork and fees involved, while others are unsure of the benefits of this advanced commission process.

Real Estate Agent And Realtor Consider Advance Commissions

Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy if you apply for a real estate commission advance –

Cost effective: When you apply for an advance commission, you are simply asking for an advance payment on the commission you have already earned, or you are about to earn in a few days. This is essentially your money! We know that real estate transactions involve a lot of money and waiting for the commissions for months on end can become debilitating for the realtor’s business and personal finances. Without the advances, you might have to spend months without any cash in hand. This will lead to an incredible amount of downtime for your business.

Paying of business debts: Almost every independent businessman, small endeavors, and individual professionals have some debt to pay. Knowing that you will get your commission may be good enough for you, but it might not be enough for your creditors. Keeping your dues unpaid for months can amount to costly penalties and increasing business debt that can eat into your future profit and business prospects. Taking out commission advances, even one commission at a time can help you keep your business afloat.

Homogenizing the cash flow: Every business involves certain expenses. Sometimes, it is replacing old computers, and at other times it is paying off vendors. Nonetheless, you need cash on hand to pay for these expenses on a regular basis. Unlike some of your more understanding vendors, your taxes, utility bills and employees need regular payment. A commission advance can help you clear these payments on time.

Marketing prospects: No business can survive long enough without new clients and customers. To acquire new customers, you need to market yourself and your business. Any advertising and marketing campaign costs money. Real estate industry is a cutthroat world that demands significant investments in marketing and promotions. Advances may help you divert cash towards these aspects. A marketing opportunity simply cannot wait while you wait for your commission listlessly.

A good realtor commission advance company ensures that real estate agents have access to instant cash during their hour of need. This ensures better cash flow, financial management and business output at all times.