Creative Instagram Marketing Strategies That Ensure Increased Business Leads And Sales


Marketing strategies and campaigns have evolved in the present age to include innovative new methods to increase business outreach and enhance their business clientele. Today, the world is more connected than ever before with deep internet penetration at almost every corner of the planet, and with the proliferation of smartphones, more and more people are connected with each other. One of the other factors that have influenced marketing campaigns and strategies is the overwhelming spread of social media. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, are extensively used for marketing. In this article, you will learn about some strategies to use your social media page to improve your business.

Creative Instagram Marketing Strategies That Ensure Increased Business Leads And Sales

The best aspect of social media is the fact that it has introduced to the world of digital marketing novel ways of business owners to target and even communicate with their customer base and their potential market. Business owners are hence, omnipresent on social media. Social media is also vital as it helps to give business owners valuable insights from accurate and precise data about the ways users interact with their posts, which will help them in designing their social media activities in the long run to get more clients and customers.

One of the most sought-after social media platforms is Instagram, it is an application for photo sharing with as many as 800 million active users, and many business owners use the platform extensively to promote awareness about their products amongst people. The broad user base of Instagram is essential for business owners to capture and promote their products to, Instagram can catapult a seemingly unknown and small local business into a highly popular brand in a matter of days with its overwhelming user base. As a business owner, you must make the most out of Instagram with your business page. The following activities can be done with Instagram:

Use your images for narrating a story

You must ensure that the photos you upload have a balance between promotional content and fun, interesting content. You must not only post images of your products and your business because that will deter users from viewing your posts in the future as they will feel that you are explicitly trying to sell something to them. Regulate your content frequently to continue to hold audience interest and get more followers.

Populating your account

You must be highly creative with the contents which you post on Instagram, and you have to cross-promote them on your other social media profiles also.  Use popular hashtags and put some commonly trending hashtags in the descriptions of your posts always. Afterward, when you see that you have got a high number of people following you, then you can progress onto being more aggressive in your marketing campaigns.

Follow your followers back

When you follow at least a few of your followers back, it signifies to them that you are giving them the importance and hold their opinions in high regard. This will be noticed by other followers also, and they will be more drawn to your brand, it will generate high affinity amongst users towards your brand. It will also help you to repost certain posts from their feeds which are related to the business you run. If luck favors you, then you can also stumble onto certain photos of your wares, which have excellent reviews written in the captions or even contents which can inspire new business strategies for you.

Use correct hashtags

Always use relevant and proper hashtags with all your posts. Hashtags help in the visibility of your posts and let new users discover your products and your business. Never put irrelevant or unrelated hashtags on your posts as users will regard them as spam and ignore your posts in the future.

Offer your followers something unique on Instagram

You must always try to ensure that the content which you upload on Instagram is different from what you post on your other social media profiles. Your audience must know that there they will not see the same content which they see on your Facebook page on Instagram.

To capitalize the maximum from your Instagram page, you have to ensure that your posts get real Instagram likes as they are the key to boosting your business profile on social media.


Instagram is the most powerful social media application for promoting businesses today. It is fast, small, simple in design and easy to understand and it also does not take too much space or consume a lot of memory. Hence, it is so popular world over. You must use Instagram effectively to promote your business on social media.

Author bio: Jonas Hart writes columns for popular newspapers on economics and market capitalizations; he recommends you to get real Instagram likes to build a stronger brand presence on Instagram. In this post, he has given a proper guide to Instagram strategies for ensuring high business sales.