Building a Wooden Toy Box and Why They Are Preferred Over Plastic Ones?

You will find very few wonders than just watching the play of youngsters with their toys. It is the consequence that is hard to manage. It truly is comprised with different varieties of trucks, dolls, blocks, small cooking sets, and plenty of additional unidentifiable stuff that make a blend of sounds. As soon as this becomes time to instruct children to wash up their own toys and place these aside, parents will need the best equipment for their kids to you to support them. Some sort of toy chest or toy box is simply the thing. An incredible task for parents can be creating a toy box. This specific information will help.


Required Material and Tools for Wooden Toy Box

  • 2 one-by-ten boards or sheets, 4 ft long
  • 1 one-by-eight boards or sheets, 6 ft long
  • ¾ inch thick particleboard or Plywood,
  • 3 hinges or handles with screws that open not more than 180 degrees as well as past 90 degrees
  • 6 two half inch, corner double-wide braces along with screws
  • Wood glue
  • Sandpaper
  • Satin polyurethane work as spray
  • Circular or Handsaw saw
  • Drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Four bun feet
  • 4 thick plate, soft rope
  • Four felt pads
  • Ten brackets
  • Tape for measurement

Instructions to be Followed to Build Wooden Toy Box

Step 1: Make the toy box pieces.

  • With measuring tape, measure and tag 135” on the two one-by-ten planks which are four ft long and cut the boards with the help of saw. The remaining sheet has 2 one-by-ten in the form of pieces which are 34 long and 2 one-by-ten in the form of pieces 135” long.
  • Slice the particle plank to 32.5-by-135”.
  • Make the twofold cover in this outline by cutting the board 1-by-8 straight down the middle.

Step 2: Assembling the pieces

  • Using an even area, set up screws in the 6 corner braces, two on the sides which are longer and 1 on the rest of the two shorter sides which will work as a base of your toy box.
  • Append the 32.5-by-135” board with alternate sides of the braces.

Step 3: Add the lids

Attach the 6 trap handles straight into the right position. The particular lids will probably swing so they sit even opposite to the both sides of the container while opening the box.

Step 4: Disassemble, Smooth holes for handles

  • That is to make use of the particular finishes and colour without considering any of the screws, braces, and hinges. Take away most of these and put them aside.
  • Sand all the wood pieces to anticipate fragments later
  • Drill 2 half inch as well as 5/8 inch in diameter gaps in every end box to be utilized for hinges.

Step 5: Finishing Touch

Spray the wood with polyurethane, inside and outside. If you need to paint the case use different color or design, make this happen before starting the process of spray.

Step 6: When the paint and spray are dry starts reassembling the case, utilizing wood paste to fortify all the corners. Be sure not to ever implement timber glue towards the top.
Pass substantial, gentle rope through, all things considered and tying knots within the inner surface of the box.

Step 7: Amend the desired feet and complete

Connect the feet 2” from both the width as well as length edge of the case. Attach down from your inner surface of the toy box. Add household furniture glides to mobility and forestall harm to wood floors.

Finally, the toy box is done as well as ready to use!

Tips & Warnings

  • Apply spray named as polyurethane in an open zone utilizing goggles and masks.
  • Also utilize goggles and masks when drilling and sanding.

Why wooden toys are better than plastic partners?

In spite of the fact that the majority of the kid’s toys are manufactured by utilizing modern materials, we’ve been viewing wooden toys are coming back. This is straight down to a certain extent for you to nostalgia, because moms and dads desire for any swifter moment and a lot easier lifestyle and a shot for you to defend his or her little ones through contemporary lifestyle. Also, the toys built from wood are long lasting as compared to plastic partners.

Kids’ wooden toys are favoured as they are solid as compared to plastic toys. There are various choices available in wooden toy barns and a few tend to be big and a few tend to be tiny.

Whether you choose to pick plastic or wooden toys for your youngsters, they are significantly more instructive and enjoyable than the electronic devices.

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