Blue Light Acne Treatment


For all those who don’t know what blue light acne treatment is, well, it is a therapy for skin and cancer.  It is approved by the Food and Drug Administration and is one of the most effective treatments in today’s world. To know more about blue light acne treatment, read below:

9 Facts About Blue Light Acne Treatment

#1 Acne


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Although estimated 85% of adolescents and 25% adults suffer from this skin disorder, very less know about the reason behind them. Acne results when hair follicles on the skin are blocked by oily skin secretions called sebum. When this happens, bacteria grows underneath. Another reason can be the genetics and overactive sebaceous glands. People working in harsh climate are also likely to get acne on their skin.

#2 Health Care Provider


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A dermatologist is the one who is responsible to treat your skin and thus when you want to go for a blue light treatment, he is the one to be consulted. He will scan your skin for any underlying problems and will give you the solution accordingly. Not every skin type is the same and blue light treatment is not suitable for all. In fact, nodulocystic acne can be worded by it. So, take an appointment for the check up first and then let the doctor decide if you are ready for the treatment or no.

#3 Process


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The first and foremost thing that comes to the mind when you think about blue light treatment is how the therapy will be performed. The treatment is easy. Just fix an appointment with the dermatologist and he will check your skin and problems that might creep up. Next up a medical cream will be applied to your face and the skin will be exposed to blue light so as to activate the drug.

#4 Time


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Most of us would want to know the time in which the therapy will be done. Well, you will be required to meet the doctor twice a week for fifteen minutes. This is generally not a long process until and unless your health care provider says so.

#5 Insurance


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The cost of this treatment varies from $100-$200 per sitting and because this therapy is a fairly new one, many insurance companies do not pay for it. Also, all the sittings are necessary for achieving a flaw less skin.

#6 Cancer Treatment


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Not just skin but the blue light therapy is also used to cure cancer. Esophageal cancer and Lung cancer are most commonly treated by the blue light treatment. It is also being tested for treatment of brain, cervical and prostrate cancer.

#7 Evaluating Light Therapy


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After the completion of the treatment, it is necessary to meet the doctor once a month. This is done to evaluate the success of the therapy. If the treatment is effective, the doctor might suggest an in-house blue light equipment which can be used further, much easily. Such equipment is easily available at One thing to keep in mind is doing everything according to the instructions given by the doctor and taking his advice before changing the schedule.

#8 Red light therapy


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Another similar therapy is the red light therapy and is generally used to speed the process of skin recovery. Red light has been found to energize adenosine triphosphate in muscle tissues, which can stimulate skin repair.

#9 Complications

There are not many complications of this treatment. Most of the people who have gone through this process are absolutely fine. Although this can cause redness on the skin and a tan that is similar to sunburns. These things can be easily treated later on by applying certain treatment safe skin creams that the doctor will eventually refer to you.

The information stated above regarding the blue light treatment is authentic and should be read properly before going for the treatment. Obviously it is not easy on the pocket and hence a lot of savings should be done before taking the decision. Also, make sure you are ready to go for the treatment because it takes a lot of courage to go through anything on the skin. Although, it not risky, it can cause burns to your skin which will not go immediately and will take time to heal. Have faith in yourself and your doctor and your journey will become smooth. Best of luck!