Best Methods to Quit Smoking Cigarettes


Smoking as everybody knows is a terrible habit that needs to be kicked to the curb. But then as with all habits it is not something that one can simply wake up and give up. It often takes a great deal of will power, effort and energy to try different methods to quit smoking cigarettes habit.


Many people who attempt to quit smoking often find themselves back in the cycle of chain smoking. You cannot expect to fight an enemy you do not understand. Lets take a look at why giving up smoking can be difficult and then what one can do to overcome these hurdles in order to stop smoking for good.

Why You Can’t Give Up the Cigarettes

Cigarettes contain a substance known as nicotine which your body begins to crave and get used to after a certain amount of time. It is this substance that makes quitting hard. Your body begins to suffer from withdrawal symptoms if it does not get a daily dose of this chemical. These withdrawal symptoms are unpleasant and like with anyone weaning from an addiction, this is the time they need the greatest amount of self-discipline in order to not go back.

Common withdrawal symptoms include headaches and irritability. Expect withdrawal symptoms to last on average a few days to a week. Knowing this ahead of time will help you to prepare to fight the symptoms mentally. Mental preparation is a key factor in quitting smoking. Armed with this knowledge here are a few ways to help you beat that smoking habit!

5. Nicotine Replacement Therapy

Nicotine as we have seen is the chemical found in cigarettes that gets people hooked onto them in the first place. Getting over a nicotine addiction for some people is easier said than done. To help counter this craving, many pharmaceutical companies have taken up the challenge and there now exists several nicotine replacement aids that you can talk to your doctor about.

There are over the counter aids you can walk in and purchase without a doctor’s prescription. These include lozenges, patches and gum. Prescription nicotine aids are nicotine nasal sprays and inhalers.

4. Use the Delay Tactic

When you feel the urge to have a smoke come, quickly focus your thoughts onto something else. The minute your mind engages onto something else you may find that you forget about the smoke you wanted to have just a couple of minutes earlier. This is an important tactic as quitting smoking also has a bearing on the mind and the mind needs to be brought into this exercise.

3. Understand Your Triggers

Triggers are those situations that you found yourself smoking or chewing tobacco such as hanging out at the bar after work with the mates, downtime and unwinding time, parties or even when you just sat and used to watch TV. A great part of overcoming and winning over this addiction is to identify these key triggers and watch out for them. If going out to the bar makes you want to smoke then stop hanging out at the bar, suggest that you and your friends find another place to hang out. If parties trigger your desire to smoke then make sure you carry your patches or chewing gum. Always be prepared and think ahead to every possible situation. Planning ahead of time will save you the mental anguish of having to battle the ‘should I just have one? Or not’ war that will likely rage in your mind as you enter these situations.

2. Get Chewing!

If chewing tobacco was your weakness then find alternatives to what you put in your mouth. When you feel the urge come upon you, make sure you have prepared before hand and have a handful of sweets or sugarless gum to keep your mouth occupied.

1. Mind Preparation

Getting yourself to quite smoking or using tobacco is going to be a battle. No one enters a battle without first going through some basic training on how to fight the enemy. You cannot expect to fight and win against smoking and tobacco use if you do not know what it is about them that makes you want to use them. Knowledge is power. Once you understand more about how nicotine works as a stimulant, and what you are likely to face on your journey to quitting you will be better equipped mentally to resist the cravings that will come along your way. You can do it, if others have done it before you, so can you!

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