Best Celebrity Diets Ever seen


Dieting has been one of the biggest craze since a very long time. Everybody seems to be on adiet for some reason or the other. The craze for diets has partly been driven by the fitness levels of celebrities. As our celebrities grew smarter and looked better, more and more people wanted to have a sneak peek into their diets. That is how celebrity diets became famous. Most celebrities have their diets designed by specialists, according to certain objectives. The ultimate motive of celebrity diets is living healthy. It is never only about staying slim.

People are hugely inspired by celebrity diets because it works as a path to realise their dreams. Celebrities are everywhere, on the billboards, on the screen and even in the newspapers. One thing that they maintain always is their fitness. So here we will discuss a few celebrity diets which have worked like magic and seem to be the best so far.


Best celebrity diets :-

  • Going absolutely vegan for a period of 22 days worked wonders on celebrity Beyonce, to get her back into stunning shape. She also said the 22 day diet not only worked well for her body but also made her feel amazing.
  • One look at the dashing Angelina Jolie and all you are wondering is how she stays such fit for years at stretch. Well, the ancient grains diet would probably do the same to you if you follow it. The basic rule about this diet is you should add various kinds of grains and seeds to your diet whenever possible. We all know that nuts, grains and seeds are a vital source of nutrients. So, the results you could expect are: a glowing skin and hair combination at the very least!
  • Another great diet to consider is the sakara diet. The basic concept is to eat gluten free, organic and vegan food. This kind of diet promotes a healthy balance of nutrients in the body. You could opt for a single day cleanse for your body or a longer 3 month plan. With organic and gluten free stuff on the list, you would be in for great food and a great looking body in no time.
  • The alkaline diet has also been a favourite among many. As the name suggest this diet is all about avoiding foods which have an acid content. So, foods like dairy or meat are off the list. This diet promotes consumption of major alkaline food categories such as fruits and vegetables. Ultimately the body’s pH should lie between 7.35-7.45. Who follows this diet? Posh it is!
  • Do you simply love mushrooms? Well, then you would love the M-plan diet. Have your meals packed with mushrooms for a period of 14 days and watch how those extra pounds vanish. The great news is this diet makes the fat from your problem areas disappear very fast. Look atthose pounds at the tummy and thighs- and say goodbye!
  • The 5 factor diet works on a very simple principle. Cook all your food with only 5 ingredients. You would realise automatically so many things get cut off from your diet when you are concentrating on only 5 ingredients. Megan Fox is an ardent fan of this diet. Follow this diet with a healthy exercise regime and you would look nothing short of a celebrity.
  • A plant based diet with lots of juices is what the beauty detox diet has in store for you. The result, lots of detoxification making your skin and hair glow, bid goodbye to all those unwanted pounds you have piled on and glow in the glory of the juices. Drew Barrymore with her dashing figure makes you want to try out this diet right now.


  • Want to look nature fresh every day? Try out the celebrity fresh diet. Itis adiet plan created by the famous Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef. What does this diet include? Well, a lot of things. Multi grain pancakes in various flavours, fruit stuffed loin of pork and much more. This diet would make your mouth water and make you look good at the same time.

So, choose your diet well and stay fit. The only word of caution is no diet works instantly so you need to be a bit patient.

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